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Wedding Association of Chengdu University classes joint training wedding profe
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Yesterday afternoon, the wedding industry in Chengdu, Sichuan Normal University Arts Association and the joint training of personnel wedding ceremony awarding the project contract ARTS function in the Sichuan Normal University Hall. Wedding Industry Association of Chengdu, according to Meng Ting, in 2009 there are 140,500 pairs of couples married in Chengdu, resulting in a huge market worth 100 billion, but the wedding industry professionals in Chengdu, the gap up to 1 million people. Therefore, Chengdu, Sichuan Normal Wedding Arts Association and jointly create the wedding industry professional training base, in the form of short courses will invite experienced professionals in the wedding industry to develop a training package for teaching practice. After the training, students can pass the exam to obtain qualification certificates, and access to employment opportunities recommended. City Wedding Association will gradually in Chengdu next major universities, art schools set up the wedding industry practitioners courses.