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Shaanxi favorite wedding first consumer brand of investigative journalism and
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Last week, the Shaanxi Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision, Consumer Association of Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Provincial Health Authority jointly held with the newspaper the "big trip to the United States of Shaanxi, Shaanxi happy first wedding favorite consumer brand of investigative journalism and public large-scale named "The introduction by many readers and the industry with great interest and positive praise. "Intimate", "practical", "crowd" has become the core of the reader sounds three key words. Very useful This press survey consists of selected activities with the public "Ten gold wedding real estate brands," "Ten gold wedding car brand", "Ten gold medals home appliances brand," "Ten gold medals home brands," "Ten gold jewelry jewelry brand, "" Ten gold wedding clothing brand, "" Ten gold textile brand, "" Ten gold cosmetics brand, "" Ten gold wedding wine brands "," honeymoon in the top ten gold medals, "" Gold Wedding Shop, "" gold wedding photos taken in "," gold wedding hotel "," gold wedding master of ceremonies, "" gold wedding company "15 projects, the breadth of coverage, rare for the province in recent years, many readers of this said he appreciated that the consumer can provide very comprehensive information. Tsang said he was to get together this brainer. The event can help him solve many readers confused. Students from Canada, Kim said he wedding ceremony, Chinese people are very interested in this activity, he can learn a lot of Chinese wedding complex. Very intimate Readers of this selection an evaluation of the most prominent is "intimate." The very fact that consumers, in the past to do a lot of media selection, such as automotive, entertainment talent, are often concerned only with part of the audience, many people map "to see a lively", and the wedding is a matter of spending a lot of events around the family, or their own home or with friends, relatives, child marriage, as close to people's hearts, so people feel more "cordial", "intimate." It "crowd" The network has new wine in old bottles of words is called "crowd." "Crowd" power manifested in the concern by a group of people, resulting in the pressure of public opinion towards a good direction to urge change something. Many readers and industry sources, the positive significance of this event lies in giving full play to the strength of each reader, the accumulation of all the good wishes of the heart, the sound development of the common urge the wedding market. "Each of us has his own point of view, but many pairs of eyes linked together, there will be no dead ends. Of malicious market phenomena to be exposed, on the integrity of the business behavior and brand to compliment the wedding market that will help the healthy circulation and healthy development. "planning a wedding company Mr. Lu said. This group of articles by the reporter trainee journalist Hu Zhou Rui Lin Needy ice have written Four ways to participate in the selection Currently, this selection of investigative journalism and public activities "wedding brand nomination" link is a fiery, you can contact us through the following methods to introduce you to our favorite wedding brand. Also, please leave your telephone number and mailing address so that we selected for lucky readers and present a surprise award.