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One thousand pairs of new registration practices may stem from Hong pushed the
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Pushed to one thousand pairs of new "ninety-nine" Registration "2009.09.09" good day to get together and register the phenomenon appears most of the marriage registration office is still receiving an appointment today August 8, 2008 has created a marriage registration peak. One year later, the calendar is about to turn 9 September 2009, the three "9" linked to the day, Castle will get together again registered phenomenon. Reporter learned from the civil sector, as of yesterday, the city has over one thousand pairs of new appointment on September 9 registration of marriage. Today, the vast majority of the marriage registration office is still accepting reservations, have already received one of the new appointment shall be signed according to the agreed time to receive certificate. Nearly five districts on the reservation About 10 o'clock yesterday morning, reporters began to call the district marriage registration office of the telephone, because the couple to marry on the telephone booking too many calls are in five areas busy. This reporter has learned, City South, City North, the Quartet, Lee Chang, Laoshan District, has been nearly five new appointments to the registration of marriage Sept. 9. In order to alleviate the day on September 9 to work under pressure to reduce the waiting time of new people, all districts to prepare emergency measures taken in advance. The vast majority have been new appointments have been completed ahead of schedule related to the marriage registry materials, and photographic and other preparatory work to do, to get a booking form. September 9th day, with a new ID card as long as, one account of this and make an appointment to the Marriage Registry to sign, can receive their marriage certificate. Need to be reminded that the new people must be in accordance with the agreed time in advance to receive a marriage certificate, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble. New plan a "forever" "Three '9 'meaning' forever ', we would have' locked 'this day." Yesterday morning, Mr. Wang and the public to the city of South Miss Mao for the relevant marriage registry Procedures, the Registry received a payment of 9 September "to receive an appointment for marriage registration alone." They told reporters that they gave in late August left the marriage registration office contact information, staff members yesterday that they received the notice, holding the identity cards, residence booklet prior to the marriage registration office for a variety of procedures, to the 9 licensing of May 9, the day time savings. Marriage registries, Shinan District, according to the relevant personnel, as of yesterday, who has been more than 300 pairs of new people for an appointment on September 9, make an appointment with the new procedures as long as when holding the same identity, to arrive at the appointed time of marriage registration Department, the audit process recognized on the sign, you can get the marriage certificate within two or three minutes. Reporter later learned that the City District Marriage Registration Department since August 3 to reserve to yesterday, there are over 200 pairs of new fill in the "application for marriage registration statement" and is only waiting for the day on September 9 before the valid credentials to apply for marriage registration, and obtain a marriage certificate. The Quartet, Lee Chang and Laoshan Marriage Registry as of yesterday were also received more than 100 pairs, more than 50 pairs and 200 couples of the appointment. Today the public can make an appointment It is understood that the marriage registration office to work normally from 9 am, district municipalities in the Sept. 9 work hours that day will be one hour earlier. In order to ensure that married couples can be successfully registered, most of the municipalities of the marriage registration office is still accepting reservations. No new appointment in September 9th to the site can also register the day of marriage, but the wait may be long. Remind staff of the civil affairs department, September 9 is not a weekend, the lunar calendar dates are not in pairs, to give "even the number three," all the moral, it is likely the company's hype from some of the wedding. Date of registration is a form leading to a happy married life, more important thing is to improve the quality of marriage.