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Lung cancer of accurate bride diagnose is terminal and bridal before groups Shen
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Those who let meBrideSmiling to move toward heaven

Bridegroom anguish

8 years, the money of marriage of our assemble enough finish, she however examine goes outLung cancerTerminal

Bridegroom wish

On October 12, make bridal spirit a bit better receiveBridal

Bridegroom oath

From now on, I also won't unlock her hand momently

Morning paper dispatch (reporter Li Min) still have 6 days, they are about to walk into marital hall; However, be given by the examination in the bride 6 days ago lung cancer is terminal...

Hiding the truth from a bride, BridegroomAssumed everything, wipe tear to laughing at Xiang Qinpeng to announce wedding continues, he says: "My take by the button does not live my bride, the bride that allows me then is smiling to move toward heaven! The bride that allows me then is smiling to move toward heaven!!

Marry eve

Accurate bride is given by examine lung cancer is terminal

On October 12, it is groups of Shenyang is small accurate bridegroomSmall this mortal world
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