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Peruvian deaf-mute applies for to marry meet with refus
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Xinhua News Agency report is Peruvian on October 5 capital Lima the staff member of registry office of a marriage a few days ago because of a pair of deaf-mutes cannot personally is spoken " I am willing " and reject to be dealt with for them marry formalities.

According to the report, moustache of Lima city emperor is installed - Demilafuluoleisi the Carlos Mengdaerwo of area marriage registry office explains, he rejected Gangsaleisi and the marriage that block Walieluo to apply for, because set according to law, they have do not accord with marry of the condition " blemish " .

Peruvian civil code sets the 4th times: "Dumb person of deaf person of the deaf-mute that cannot express oneself desire clearly, blind and blind cannot marry. " but legal expert points out, the staff member of marital registry office understands to clausal mistake. He says, although Gangsaleisi is mixed,block Walieluo cannot oral expression, but they have complete behavior capacity, and very clear what are oneself doing, they can use signal or the character expresses his desire. Accordingly, "They resemble all citizens same, have authority marriage completely " .