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"Deposit " blame " subscription " vigilant marriage celebrates consumptive diver
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The market is not quite normative still, marriage the service that celebrates a company to offer and relevant charge also do not have specific standard but character, cause certain non-standard company " exploit an advantage " gain fund. Recently, yinchuan city begins society of consumer of the area that celebrate north and association of individual private enterprise, in the light of marriage the consumptive dispute that celebrates a company to cause gives out consumptive caution: Beware of marriage celebrates consumption " diversification " trap.

[trap one] " formula " attract " deposit " gain fund

Marriage celebrate service company mostly with " economy bridal suit " , " exceed low luxurious marriage banquet " etc " formula " name, attract customer first, increase price stage by stage next, borrow this to fish for " deposit " . Marriage those who celebrate a company to offer is mostly " deposit " receipt, is not law sets what can return " subscription " receipt. Although be the change of one word, but think recapture " deposit " difficult.

[trap 2] play " concept " photography is photographed picture

According to disappear assist staff member introduction, "The number is photographed resemble 850 yuan, professional number is photographed resemble 1000 yuan. " on the price-list that celebrates a company to offer in a marriage, examination of industrial and commercial personnel discovered such entry. New personality is booking bridal photography, photograph when resembling a service, general metropolis chooses " professional " , but right after all what is just professional number photograph and photograph those who resemble knowing however very little. Celebrate a company to use people of a new type plus partial marriage " pay attention to a machine, negligence handlers " psychology, use the blame with inadequacy of a few experience, low cost professional cameraman, cameraman, light light Song Song can earn hundreds of yuan more.

[trap 3] " gold emcee " apprentice has undeserved reputation

A lot of new personality are fond of please " gold emcee " chair wedding, many marriage celebrate a company to also do his utmost to recommend. Actually, gold emcee does not have rigid uniform standard. Industrial and commercial personnel says, at present marriage celebrate emcee uphold charge from every differ 300 yuan to 1600 yuan. New people is beautiful 1000 multivariate book " gold emcee " , what show up as a result is probable be " bogus gold emcee " .

Yinchuan city starts pass the time in a leisurely way of the area that celebrate north assist warn broad customer: Answer to understand this marriage to celebrate a company to whether be managed legally in detail when choice marriage celebrates a company, whether to have aptitude like cameraman, cameraman from personnel of course of study; Autograph contract should make clear detailed rules and responsibility of breach of contract, clear and respective right, compulsory, avoid notional faintness. The brand that picks marriage car to want a car for instance, model, design, even color write into the contract inside, photograph resembling wanting to mention expressly is one day still is a long time, whether to include to record exterior to wait. In the contract, the marriage car that should appear to the likelihood in marriage banquet, emcee is late wait for a circumstance to consider ahead of schedule, make clear responsibility of breach of contract. In addition, value the value while, should value quality more. Accepting marriage when the marriage that celebrates a company celebrates a service, want to ask for bill, once appear problem, can hold proof, in order to safeguard oneself legitimate rights and interests.
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