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20 years old of girls marry lover son for retaliation bridal day desert
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To retaliate a lover, qi Feng of 20 years old married his son. After bridal ceremony passes, her leave without say goodbye, left that country...

Pit of money of indulge in of 17 years old of girls

2004, the Jilin girl Qi Feng of 2 grade already grew junior high school gracefully, the monitor's identity lets her make a medium central point.

The parent can go up, she knew the father Zhang Bao of classmate Zhang Dong. 2005, graduate in Qi Fengchu, because father dies early, she and sister little brother are brought up by mom skill, the elder sister works in Shenzhen the money that earn is insufficient still mom sees a doctor, to let a little brother can continue to go to school, qifeng chose to leave school work.

She comes to heart benefit city from the hamlet a big public house, became floor clerk. Enter a dusk when the winter, qi Fengzheng is working, a man called her, thought back to very long, qi Feng remembers this man is Zhang Bao eventually. Zhang Bao asked a friend to have a meal that day, he gave Qi Feng 200 yuan of tip after the meal, qi Fengxi goes out outside looking.

The Zhang Bao of head of 40 annual expenditure has a few old freight car in the home, he outside running all the year round is experienced and knowledgeable, style of conversation is decent, after seeing Qi Feng, his idea lived to rise.

The driver that drove old car to Zhang Bao says: "Leave a public house that, zhang Bao bets with me say 3 months can let his have more than is needed Qi Feng is together darlingly with him, in the begining I still do not believe, ability is 17 that year Qi Feng years old, which can settle on he! Which can settle on he!!

After encountering that, the time of hotel of Zhang Baolai Qi Feng is apparently much rise, every time the friend that he gives him Qi Feng present, buy sheet to give a few money intentionally more, face acknowledgment to just also laugh slightly, all these is engraved in Qi Feng's heart deeply, slowly she had a kind to depend on to him feeling.

One day, qi Feng falls ill suddenly rhizome of wind-weed is in person be in hospital, impatient unceasingly. After Zhang Bao is informed, demur did not say to give her 1000 yuan with respect to a place of strategic importance, qi Feng is touched at that time cried, if he is himself,thinking the man is good.

Holding in the arms in lover bosom in former days good sister

2005 winter, midday of one the world 2 when, qi Feng receives Zhang Bao's telephone call suddenly, say he just came back from nonlocal deliver goods, special infer Qi Feng. In the evening 10 when, qi Fengcai comes off work come to coffee hall, zhang Bao still is over there wait for her.
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