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Or attends wedding, or collects bit of money
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"Although enter the classmate wedding, fund that follow a ceremony,be automatical thing, but receive such invitation, still let a person feel some at odds! " 5 days, provincial capital citizen Mr Feng spoke of an irritated worry with the reporter: In the old schoolmate of provincial job, gave out to all fellow students that include him inside invite first so -- two kinds of choices: Or outpace will attend wedding, or gives you a bank Zhang number directly, make ceremony money directly.

Mr Feng tells a reporter, he and Mr Xu are the classmate when the graduate student, "Come down 3 years, also had not said a few words, saw noodle nods namely just, the concern is common! " after graduation, mr Feng stays in provincial capital an institution, and Mr Xu returned job of Taiyuan of native place Shanxi, "Graduate more than one year, contact at ordinary times quite little also, pass a section to send a beatific short message too namely at most just. Pass a section to send a beatific short message too namely at most just..

This year " 11 " during, mr Xu held wedding in native place, gave out to whole class classmate invite. "I am away on official business outerly still at that time, family phone is called. Driving the past to attend bridal affirmation is impossible thing, as to the 2nd choice, do not have method, family so said, we has to do! Said again, if the classmate collects money, did not collect money with respect to me, that is much worse! " speak of this thing, mr Feng feels to have affliction talk.

"Not be to care about money actually much money is little, it is a kind of such means, obvious follows those who want Qian Shi, feeling letting a person is held out at odds! " Mr Feng says, after the classmate in their class graduates, countrywide each district has everywhere, the Mr Xu alumnus collection in class, QQ group in sent so an information, made a telephone call to whole class classmate. "I hold out insecurity in nonlocal time, do not have method, let my classmate be being helped collect the past together 200 money. " Mr Feng tells a reporter.

Mr Feng says, these days, he gets online to be able to encounter old schoolmate every time. Mention this thing, a lot of people are same mood: Although so reply a thing, but this kind of means, still let a person some are not accepted. "Actually, if follow the word that he is iron brother, good friend, he so say to also be indifferent to, the key is he informed whole class classmate so, the voice that a lot of female classmate hears him is quite new still, he also told a family so. He also told a family so..
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