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Bridal originality makes happy candy sweeter (group plan)
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Last weekend the first Nanjing marriage is exhibited hold in Jiangsu exhibition, attracted the accurate new people that is about to marry more very much. The citizen that will watch still is given priority to with seeking advice, no matter be marriage gauze photography or happy candy ring, basically be to look to be decided more little, nevertheless candy exhibits the doorway of the shop to be not constant jam however. The design of candied ceremony box this year is unique, the pen that joins register one's attendance at a meeting or at an office is cartoon baby modelling, make accurate brides big breathe out lovely.

October will be bridal busy season September, marry need not place feast, but need not not send happy candy, be fond of candy can be bridal first-rate spokesman. Let small make up take everybody to see candy of multifarious beautiful happy event!

[economic group]

The experience that plays N second wedding with the reporter looks, general case happy candy, just also be fond of candy box, wedding does not have him to use afterwards, and candy of new-style happy event is packed can put delicacy, when pocket money bag, deposit spare button... bring back a certainly to be able to be sent on use, also be most gay of people getting a settle or live in a strange place is fond of candy to pack.

Iron box
Iron box

Retain the optimal option of cash pot!

Towel cake
Towel cake

Look resemble cake? Spread out coming is a small towel however! Quite practical!

[classic style]

Chinese style style is popular this year, be fond of candy pack also cannot avoid custom, pouch of traditional descendants bucket, embroider, needlework is wrapped completely go into battle, let a person feel strong festival desire.

Bright and beautiful bag
Bright and beautiful bag

Chic bright and beautiful bag can make your bridal flashy point, antique China is red, deserve to tie a string with classical tassel again, wedding also can let close friends be used as pocket money bag afterwards.
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