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Marriage celebrate the market to will lift climax autograph marriage to celebrat
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"11 " the golden week will come, numerous new personality is driving holiday to gather together marry, marriage celebrate the market to will greet a fastigium, of all kinds and marriage celebrate concerned consumption fervent also rise. Celebrate a service in the light of festal marriage the market is hot, union is accepted marriage is the current situation that celebrates consumption to complain, easy cause marriage the case that celebrates dispute, for this, disappear of Sheng state city is protected appoint release especially marriage celebrate consumptive caution, remind numerous new people to rational consumption answers when arranging marriage, vigilant marriage celebrates a service medium all sorts of " trap " , not let happy event become irritated worry.

Current, marriage celebrate an industry rapid and arisen, but because lack industry standard and tie, marriage celebrate market the good and bad are intermingled, the price is opaque, the service does not have a standard, the consumptive dispute that concerned marriage celebrates a service is complained also somewhat grow in quantity. For this, new personality if lets marriage celebrate a company to hold do marriage, need detailed knowledge marriage to celebrate a company to whether be managed legally, have without business charter, choose dimensions as far as possible the normal marriage with good reputation of big, service celebrates a company.

Be engaged in the autograph when celebrating contract or agreement, want to write Qing Dynasty to serve project, rate and bilateral responsibility of breach of contract, want to serve project standard clearly especially, if the marriage car of make choice of wants the brand of a car, model, design even color write a contract inside; The dish in when booking marriage banquet, wanting to make clear banquet is tasted, the relative standard such as dish price and service fee; Photograph resembling wanting to mention expressly is one day still is a long time, whether to include to record exterior to wait.

As a result of marriage celebrate a service to engage time longer, want mature all sorts of circumstances, had better make an appointment with in order to pay the means of deposit the lot, once produce an unforeseen event, also can fall the loss lowest. In the meantime, marriage the cake that celebrates a businessman to celebrate economy for contention marriage, roll out activities of all sorts of favourable sales promotion in succession, and often hide rear a lot of " sweet trap " . Accordingly, consumer should activity of sales promotion of rational look upon, want to see the value already, should see service quality more, cannot go after low blindly, lest be decieved,be duped.
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