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Individual character is bridal - celebration and oneself are new book head haird
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The wedding of others is wine gas completely, her wedding is Deng Moli of reporter of newspaper of book sweet business completely / photograph

Channel of xinhua net Henan on September 20 dispatch Great river net - Henan business signs up for a report: New personality is stepping red carpet to go to the front of bridal rostrum, what undertake next is not newly-married celebration, however new book of the bride head hairdo.

Yesterday morning, 80 hind the book that there is a quietly elegant on the wedding of girl Liang Tingting is sweet.

Wedding is done so that resemble TV interview

Yesterday morning 11 when 30 minutes, entering a big public house of city new century, the wedding of a having sth new is being held.

In music, had walked along red carpet hand in hand to new personality, come to the front of rostrum. Be in relatives and friends people when waiting to watch the scene of bustle, wedding broke away from however " groovy " program -- emcee announces: "Celebration of newly-married of gentleman of Miss Liang Tingting, Liu Yi China and new book head hairdo is held now. "

Reveal new postscript, bridegroom, bride, emcee 3 people round round-table sit together, next ceremony more resemble TV interview. "Say, why to send new book on wedding. "

Liang Tingting says, these year, experienced many things, make her deep feeling very much. Newly-married celebration is an important matter of life, can experience only, choose this special hour to hold new book head hairdo, it is a summary that opposite goes to, also representing a new beginning.

The 2nd question of emcee asks so that also compare " professional " : "Why does this book cry " if is love lying " ? "

Look at bridegroom, liang Tingting says: "If love won't be lying, the meeting that leave is happiness, harmonious. This also is my yearning love. "

Subsequently, this holds a bundle of flower in both hands each to new personality, the back is cast to guest, and two when grab a flower male guest, get the new book that signs jointly to a new personality respectively.

During proposing a toast, liang Tingting and newly-married husband together, endure again desk gave a new book each to the close friend that attends marriage dinner.

Bridal before today new book from presswork the factory just was gotten
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