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Chengdu rides gauze of marriage of friend marriage dress to to step on happily
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Ride friend marriage, dress marriage gauze toes step on happily

A two-men bicycle that plunging into pink bowknot is carrying the bridegroom bride that wears ceremonial robe or dress, it is more than 50 are wearing helmet after one's death, wear the car friend that rides luggage people, receive close rank vast and mightily sufficient have about a hundred meters. Yesterday, the car is friendly people anew China the park arrives give a hot pursuit the bay marries a bride, after adding up to river booth group photo, toward Guo Jiaqiao bridal spot sets out. Ride inside city of nearly two hours swim, drew the look of numerous passerby.

Ride swim affection is dressed up along new personality very pull wind

Ride a bicycle to go to the lavatory, the peace of gauze of marriage of hubble-bubble short skirt that bridal teach approach wore white designedly follows white leather shoes. She stature is petite has deep love for outdoors motion, attend for the first time ride swim when the activity, because physical strength is not raised,fall in motorcade gradually finally, the bridegroom river bell of responsible bring up the rear is in all the time she beside encourage her, still pulling her to go with cord. "Because common interest gathers, without self distracting thoughts, pure like childhood playmate. " the love that Fu Ling evaluates she and Jiang Zhong so. To commemorate this paragraph of lot, they place two-men bicycle in bridal arena midpoint designedly. Jiangzhong and teach approach have deep love for a bicycle to move, managing a bicycle to change one's costume or dress jointly the car goes, a lot of friends are to ride what in swimming, get acquainted with, invite Che Youqi to be greeted all right get be responsed actively in person.

Net name is proportional sing the praises Che Youdou is fashionable

"The friend of motorcade marries, we should plunge into a place where people gather for various purposes of course. " after getting invitation card, the car is friendly people express to want to sing the praises, all a suit is worn ride luggage, pink steamer is being fastened on country car. Bridal yesterday spot, the car is friendly people marry in new personality considerably according to go up to give bridal bridegroom to put on glasses with a stiff-haired writing brush, add smoke, marry illuminate into Q edition caricature. "Workaday car is friendly people busy oneself thing, arrive holiday often
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