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Award of add of building of shadow of win a prize in a lottery of sweethearts in
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Sweethearts attends shadow building anniversary to celebrate an activity, in pairs is smoked in large award, shadow building rejects to cash however among them an award. Door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry receives the discovery after complaining, shadow building sales promotion is suspected of disobeying top prize to must not exceed 5000 yuan regulation, will investigate to its put on record.

On September 15, fuzhou citizen yellow gentleman and fiancee Miss Zheng reach the designated position the house of princess of gauze of Li Baijia marriage of Yu Dongjie mouth pats marriage gauze to illuminate, paid 2600 take a picture multivariately after charge, be taken lottery area. The staff member is in marriage gauze house upper cover of 2 pieces of invitation letter chapter, make become " lottery ticket " , throw lottery case for you.

That evening 9 when lottery, mr Huang became medium third class award, award associates for notebook computer; Miss Zheng became medium first prize, award is value 11888 yuan platinic gold plunges drop.

When add award, marriage gauze house tells Mr Huang however, explain by lottery, a pair of new personality can receive 1 piece of invitation letter only, mr Huang and fiancee received 2 pieces of invitation letter, belong to staff member error to cause, because of these 2 award can " 2 choose one " . That evening, mr Huang got notebook computer from marriage gauze house. In the meantime, the invitation letter deputy certificate of the first prize their hold controls marriage gauze house, reject add award.

16 days, drum-tower is industrial and commercial 12315 personnel intervening mediation. The Sha inn of house of princess of gauze of Li Baijia marriage is long say, explain according to lottery, a pair of new personality can receive 1 piece of invitation letter only, after affix one's seal ability can play lottery. 2 pieces of invitation letter were sent when Mr Huang and lottery of fiancee Ms. Zheng, among them one piece does not have affix one's seal, disable accordingly.

And Mr Huang expresses, that piece medium the invitation letter of first prize has affix one's seal, the businessman is lying. When 12315 staff members requirement Sha inn grows produce first prize invitation letter when deputy certificate, sha inn is long say those who be away on official business to deputy certificate is in grandson manager department, cannot take out.

18 days morning, 12315 mediate again. Accident is, the brilliant of brilliant of employee of marriage gauze embassy that is in charge of whole journey recieving Mr Huang says suddenly, because Mr Huang promises hind of win a prize in a lottery to give her advantage,be, still will ask her in order to give her introduction 5 pairs of visitors to have a meal wait for a condition to undertake boodling to her, she deregulation colludes with ability consumer cheats a company together, sent 2 pieces of invitation letter to Mr Huang. Mr Huang denies this statement at once. Because bilateral argument is differ, this matter at a stand.
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