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Household marriage celebrates credit to wait to rise today but one-stop consumpt
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Outfit of household, home, marriage is celebrated, the consumption such as travel, credit but one-stop solved. Rise today, domestic head large " industry of extensive home consumption is allied " begin to run.

As we have learned, su Ning and 5 big banks (travel of action travel, the people's livelihood, labour, light is big, hand in row) , 3 annulus live in Kang Hui travel agent, annulus, osmund osmund the bride start cross an industry to cooperate, carry out " one cartoon " . In Beijing of Su Ning electric equipment 50 doors inn, Oriental home 3 annulus live in 6 doors inn, annulus 3 doors inn, osmund osmund travel agent of bride, Kang Hui each business point, consumer should shop to allied businessman only can obtain " one cartoon " .

The person that hold card buys hutch to defend in Su Ning, two above hit random of air conditioning, color television, freezer 5000 yuan completely 9.5 fold, two above hit random 20 thousand yuan completely 9 fold. In Oriental home each inn shops can enjoy on original favourable basis 9.7 lose privilege.