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100 brides shape accuses bridal spot flaw marriage celebrate a company
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Bridal that day flaw 100, not only the name clerical error of bridegroom, and champagne has not poured brimmer tower to collapse. A few days ago, bridal general marriage celebrates the controller of the company to tell a court, forensic first instance adjudicates the other side compensates for 500 yuan.

Last year on September 18, it is Wang Gong and the day of newly-married of marital blame sea originally. But that day of marriage celebrated a service to give an issue.

Wang Gong says, their wedding celebrates a service center to undertake by a marriage, operator is Sun Li, agency person is marital Li Lin of Sun Li, the marriage that provides complete set celebrates a service, charge is more than yuan 4700. "Marry that day, marriage celebrate a company to appear time and again when the service accident " , wang Gong says: Above all newly-married followed that day makeup did not take coloured drawing or pattern; And the name of bridegroom " You Hai " on the setting of restaurant the fault is written into " Long Hai " , the ability after she discovers is revised. Wang Gong earlies childhood, an evening dress that she rents did not take amice, the hand package that still has an evening dress also was not brought, and in celebration when, candlestick lighted one fraction only, did not ignite completely. When back-to-back move is pouring champagne, when just falling to the 2nd, cup tower collapsed, li Lin did not do any remedying at that time measure. Wang Gong thinks his rights and interests got damage, tell Sun Li and Li Lin the court then, the requirement returns full service to expend Yu Yuan and 4700 penalty due to breach of contract 2600 yuan. As we have learned, after the accident, sun Li and Li Lin had compensated for a piece of 300 yuan deposit to get stuck to Wang Gong.

When after court of first instance is tried, thinking Sun Li and Li Lin are providing a service truly imperfect, and after the event did proper compensation, but affect to Wang Gong considering this matter bigger, 2 people have Sun Li really fault, adjudicate 2 people compensate for 500 yuan so.