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Day of perfect conjugal bliss is registered it is difficult to marry
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Each pairs of new personality hope to choose a wedding day to register marry, if Beijing Olympic Games will kick off on August 8 day, the our city registers conjugal new personality to have many pairs 1200. The traditional Chinese calendar this year in August 15 mid-autumn festival (on September 14) , it is an extraordinary time, the Mid-autumn Festival is labelled first the country is legal holiday. But the reporter understands from registry office of marriage of branch of city civil administration yesterday, register conjugal new people to will miss this in this day of purpose " day of perfect conjugal bliss " .

New personality: Marital registry office has a holiday miss wedding day

Urban river north Miss Liu of some village, will register on August 8 with male friendly preparation originally marry, but have temporarily because of male friend thing, missed once in a blue moon the main chance. Then, she plans to be registered in the Mid-autumn Festival marry. "The Mid-autumn Festival is the wedding day of a perfect conjugal bliss, but the ability after we enquire knows, because begin the Mid-autumn Festival this year,be legal holiday, and the Mid-autumn Festival just meets this year on Sunday, so marital registry office does not open the door. Our desire came to nothing again. " Miss Liu says disappointedly, "Marital registry office whether does consideration new personality want to register conjugal need in the Mid-autumn Festival? The cherished desire that if can work overtime,satisfies everybody is good. The cherished desire that if can work overtime,satisfies everybody is good..

Marital registry office: Belong to legal holiday to be not dealt with mid-autumn marry register

Yesterday, the reporter covered registry office of marriage of bureau of civil administration of benefit the city zone. This registry office says about chief: "Because remove the Mid-autumn Festival to be decided to be legal holiday this year, and the Mid-autumn Festival this year is weekday, so we rest, the citizen cannot make an appointment to was registered that day marry or spot annulus is awaited register. " this chief says, in the Mid-autumn Festival of in former years, this marriage registry office will register the new personality that marry and smooth time base to keep balance originally before, about 229 pairs. Be in only meet a few more special times, be like " 11 " the holiday such as the golden week, new year's day, will register conjugal new talented person more, will register conjugal new personality to have 100 pairs of above at most everyday.
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