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Common of long happy marriage talks
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Decorate bridally

The tradition is decorated bridally very grand, but the man home that basically is centered at get married get married. Before wedding, a of get married get married, a the most serious content, stick couplet namely, also say to be fond of couplet. Marriage person not only want an ancestor office that holds wedding, oneself bedroom, kitchen, every has the place of window of post, gate, wicket, door, lintel, want to affix red happy couplet, with deck environment, apply colours to a drawing is festival atmosphere. Can you still stick happy couplet at the same time " Piao and does hutch have alcoholic drink " ? Does family person attend? a group of things with common features relatives by marriage, in order to condense familial affinity, let help the person that does happy event does not arrive oneself please, show clansman " help heat up " ? Unite? Atmosphere.
Write happy couplet and spring festival scrolls to differ, it is to use paper different, spring festival scrolls uses red paper only, happy couplet is not however use a kind " hoary head red paper " cannot. Why should use " hoary head red paper " ? To sum up in a word, because " hoary head " implied meaning husband and wife " live to old age in conjugal bliss " , it is the best will of marriage. 2 it is content more rich, the meaning that place of spring festival scrolls conveys is basic and same, those who say is " blessing of Qing Xinchun, pray carries " if, spring festival scrolls has never-failing intention however. If ancestor hall gets emblazon ancestor course of study, Zu De, shine familial " hall name " , so different surname differs an ancestor hall that raise, happy couplet is met each has his strong point. Bridal chamber is little not should write " husband and wife and close, Gui Zilan grandson " the word of and so on, the kitchen is met around move " three, the five flavors is harmonic " etc will write. Be fond of the traditional culture that couplet place shows so, savour tall also.
In the meantime, senior happy person writes happy couplet to still have two special place: It is on one must be written in the hall " the couplet that add a coronal " , stick on the wall, content is roughly: Some firstborn son or second male name what, exert oneself of the word that add a coronal what foreword a few? Let a person look, know whose home son to marry. 2 be on one still must be written in bridal chamber " Jiang Tai is fair here 100 without contraindication " couplet, stick on window bolt, or it is other where, the purpose is to avoid unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, friend says " relaxedly couplet " .
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