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River of blessing bey happy musical instrument is Manchu the marriage common wit
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Grow the village of musical instrument river of happy boat town, it is the Manchu village that I visit only, holding oneself distinctive marriage convention therefore up to now.

The bridal by a definite date of Manchu village 3 days. Before marrying, the men and women should invite twice a group of things with common features medium old woman is appropriative marry, send close grandma. Close grandma is the good life person of descendants full hall surely. The first day of the bridegroom's or husband's family sends " bar " come. There are 10 kinds of boxes inside bar. The woman has dowry, thick stick should add a pair of goose " make a market " . Dowry must at noon sends the bridegroom's or husband's family. At dark, the bridal sedan chair just takes the door, cry " sit Gao Tang " . After taking the door, the bridal sedan chair is put in hall hall left, handwarmer is put on the seat inside litter, the name says " warm litter " . Right now play music, bridegroom does obeisance to ancestor of heaven and earth and elder family member first alone, ask relatives and friends to eat " tall hall wine " . Medicinal powder after banquet, by a group of things with common features be chosen in person 10 come year old the boy sleeps to bridegroom bed " suppress bake or dry by the heat of a fire " . The next day, chicken of the five watches of the night just cried, the bridegroom's or husband's family sends get married get married the grandma to the bride's side with small litter first, cooperate to send close grandma to be bridal dress and make up, you Lisheng of bridal sedan chair, band guiding goes the bride's side is received close. Right now the day just shined, lock of gate of the bride's side, receive close team jam to be before the door. One young ceremony is unripe knock, the bride's side asks inside the door: "What person? " answer: "Of get married get married. " the pass on a message inside the door: "Fireworks and firecrackers comes. " the bridegroom's or husband's family goes forward one by one fireworks and firecrackers inside the door. After the woman closes, ask again: "What person? " answer: "Of get married get married. " inside pass on a message: "Happy achieve comes. " immediately unison of the suona horn outside the door, happy finish, inside the door pass on a message: "Big package comes. " the ceremony is unripe busy give the bright red package that has had already on, until send. At this moment the door just opens, in firecracker sound, receive close rank as gate of the bride's side of afflux of the ground like tidewater of bridal sedan chair.

Time is small bright, the litter on the bride, marry, send close grandma to multiply small litter together to the bridegroom's or husband's family. Noise of firecracker sound, suona horn becomes. Bridal sedan chair one be born, the boy of two bar that help litter up gets off two when be hanged on litter bar are written have " 100 child 1000 grandson " lantern, hang before bridal chamber on Yang Chen board. Then two boys spread red carpet, arrive from the shop side the bridal sedan chair at the door bridal chamber. Marry, send close grandma to lift litter door, help the bride up from litter piece. Bridal both hands each hold a vase, food crops is installed inside, say " get together Aquarius " . The dear one is right now same escape, be afraid of hit happy god.
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