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Fuzhou marriage common
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Marriage of old common men and women decides by parents more, go-between from which bring two parties together and calm. Go-between holds woman age post to give the bridegroom's or husband's family, person of fortune-telling of course of the bridegroom's or husband's family " close marriage " in order to pass " date " hind, but agreed. But now is free marriage, but cancel this measure. Fuzhou marriage common is offerred

Agreed hind, man choose an auspicious day asks go-between to reach gift with the give a dowry to a daughter that hire gold the bride's side, it is betrothal namely. The man should take 3 10 jins of 10 jins of range of 10 jins of 2 cocks, lines, pork, candy, cigarette, candle, firecracker, flower, case gift, gold vessel to talk about a marriage to woman home, next the thing that the man should take includes a hen, one of those two cocks that take, the line side that takes and pork are taken each a bit, one gives the new trousers of bridegroom and a pair of new socks. The case gift of Fuzhou should be taken just about instead of 3, had jumped over more more, 13333, 33333, 63333...Fuzhou marriage common is offerred

Subsequently new people prepares the article that marry, basically be bridal dowry. The bride wants to prepare the red bucket of lid of bedding, belt (inside putting earthnut, red jujube, lotus seed, cereal to wait) , baby basin of one right, blush bathtub of one right, BB (also be red) , mix on the door window. These marry to wanted to take man home that day, advocate of course the bride that all conforming to the principle of simplicity is OK pour affection is arranged. Fuzhou marriage common is offerred

Conjugal day in the morning, the man is married, comprise with kin friend subsequently " travel man " move to the woman take dotal. The woman by beforehand dotal concentration at before hall, affix " hundred years close very much " wait for auspicious word, insert on Bai Zhi. Ancient time uses a bridal sedan chair, use a car of course now. The bridal sedan chair arrives the woman, the bride is whole makeup go up litter, in midday man home reachs before 12 o'clock, the man puts cracker to receive greatly.
Afternoon is to do obeisance to hall time, for marriage a climax in marrying. Bridegroom bride does obeisance to heaven and earth first, second Bai Zuxian, again to hand in do obeisance to, drink combines alcoholic drink nuptialing wine cup, common calls make a cup of wine. Sing to kin elder by emcee again see do obeisance to, bridegroom bride worship on bended knees, after elder accepts a gift, grant see Na Dian (namely case gift) .
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