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Fuzhou marriage common " see the New Year in " not " demit is old "
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" . Chinese style, Western-style or the wedding of match well of Chinese and Western, pattern emerges in endlessly, make a person dazzling, have a common characteristic however -- , " see the New Year in " not " demit is old " . New wind is deduced ceaselessly, old common as before bear pass.

Before Fuzhou person marries, it is wedding breakfast of on a few desks is placed to receive a visitor in the courtyard of oneself, the marriage banquet nowadays is in mostly large and medium-sized the hotel is held, but a bowl " swallow of peace and tranquility " however anyhow little not. Swallow of peace and tranquility namely fleshy swallow, it is Fuzhou characteristic fastfood, because of its appearance lacking in initiative and overcautious, call it by a good name of: "Swallow of peace and tranquility " . And must eat two each, take its implied meaning " geminate and lucky peace and tranquility, didymous " .

"Be troubled by bridal chamber " the highest tide that is bridal and festive atmosphere, the marriage of Fuzhou celebrates this one important task on celebration nowadays more assume by compere. Compere can say is the incorporeal character on marriage celebration ceremony. Mr Chen says, compere needs culture of common of thorough knowledge marriage, have control, the capacity that moves bridal spot atmosphere. He ever had attended the wedding of a friend, compere utterance is humorous and humorous, still designed a few interesting do not fall again the game of convention, whole bridal atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant, make a person impressive. Even guest asks about the full name of compere on the spot, when he marries, the hope can ask him to help.

The marriage common that distributes cake of happy event happy candy long-standing, the new personality nowadays also cannot avoid custom. Can be it is difficult to cater for all tastes, buy which kinds of candy, buy how many candy, make many new personality make difficult, send the new wind of cake certificate emerge as the times require. Serve the cake of the famous confectionery inn such as lane of a few pieces of exposed to the sun certificate, guest people can be taken at any time, return the cake that can choose to suit individual taste most, it is save worry save labour more to new personality, kill two birds with one stone of it may be said. Fuzhou marriage common is offerred

"Him tarry is the most beautiful momently " -- , the aspirations that the advertisement word of building of shadow of photography of gauze of a marriage spoke numerous accurate bride. Surname the cameraman introduction of Liu according to, the place that Fuzhou takes marriage gauze to illuminate is very much: The open country of birthday mountain fall, long happy seaside, suburb. Different people of a new type has different choice, having 7 alley of old 3 lane only is indispensable. He says, below the Yu Hui of the setting sun, wear a suit cheongsam, maintaining oilpaper umbrella, go in 3 lane 7 alley are deep and remote grow far-reaching alley child in, needing any decorating is an absolutely beautiful picture that provides Fuzhou amorous feelings extremely, and have commemorative sense very much.
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