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Villa offers new personality entertainment 700 thousand yuan
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Villa offers new personality entertainment 700 thousand yuan

To a few unused villa, many management personnel deliver the view to the manager that constant bridal city Mr Jiang is company of a villatic estate, he is contributive recently 700 thousand yuan offer villa to reach all recreational recreation establishment for new personality. He thinks, the company invests nearly 30 million dollar at that time, built independent type country is villatic, basically be to be used at hack. Originally the company basically will be consumed group in the light of private go vacationing, for the management means of type of private meeting place. Cut is consummate lunar base, management forehead of every months obtains the company 2 million yuan or so. Because saw what bridal market place brings is tremendous,invest effect, the company takes out capital, throw 700 thousand yuan, undertake to 63 among them villa complete new clothes is repaired, offer wedding for new personality that evening wedding uses a room.

Make ad in media at the same time, come out villatic resource advantage body now not only, have the effect with complementary advantage. 700 thousand yuan to the businessman, it is advertising investment merely, but pass marriage the potential consumption that celebrates the market to bring group, and to whole consumption the stimulative effect of the market is active. The personage inside course of study thinks, pass marriage the good move that the brand advantage that celebrates the market to show oneself, resource advantage is a kind of get twice the result with half the effort. Bring the close friends of 5 above at least to new personality, the advertisement effect that through popular conduct propaganda gets is 700 thousand yuan cannot be bought. Pass marriage the advertisement that celebrates the market to do oneself, this has made a when many businessmen invest new way.

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