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What sell in bottle of Western-style marriage banquet is romantic
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What sell in bottle of Western-style marriage banquet is romantic

The expenditure of marriage banquet is bridal in indispensable, differ to on 1000 yuan of one desk from hundreds of yuan of one desk. The operator inside meal course of study is right of marriage banquet make also it may be said tries to be unique, in traditional Chinese style wedding, impure Western-style cake and champagne tower, operator often has a special liking to marriage banquet.

Marriage banquet is indispensable link in the bridal form in Chinese tradition, in the light of nowadays new people goes after the characteristic of personalized marriage banquet, a few inn just pull open difference on the class of banquet of Chinese style marriage not only, design Western-style buffet to meet for new people at the same time, increase elegant Western-style bender in order to pass a test,examination,etc. . Inn just thinks, 200 thousand yuan are thrown in early days operator gigantic endowment, field of design marriage banquet and environment are decorated, throw 100 thousand yuan to invite Western-style mug-up division, chef again at the same time, this investment to whole and long-term management activity it is intended.

Come round to look with respect to eye, the Spring Festival has many youths to married to book Western-style marriage banquet this year.

Say to the reporter before the name, contrast of Western-style and bridal photograph is more relaxed, also suit the taste of contemporary youth very much, although be mixed on the price,banquet of Chinese style marriage does not have petty gain how many, but atmosphere and style are very romantic, as prospective bridegroom, raise a gentleman to say frankly to go up in such circumstance, general and OK desert a lot of propose a toast mandatorily. Accordingly, many youths are developing this and come. Hotel investment is huge endowment manage Western-style marriage banquet, the pay back period of its cost is controlled in half an year commonly. Plum the manager thinks, on Western-style marriage banquet want than banquet of Chinese style marriage actually with capacity for liquor much, and unit price also rises relatively.

Average dry red main price is in bottle of 120 yuan of / , and benefit of dad of dry city of deer of high-grade Remy Martin dry city, drive, horse does city criterion price is in bottle of 1000 yuan of / , because the profit space of this Western-style marriage banquet compares the marriage banquet of Chinese style actually,want big. With banquet of a marriage 200 people are attended, use up Gan Gong 40 bottles, gan Yi is calculated 10 bottles, the hotel is above this already profitable. Add delicacy to extract fruit juice, buffet (or buffet) , big cake, champagne tower (if choose the champagne of much area of French wave Er, the price is in at least above of bottle of 3000 yuan of / ) , the profit in these consumption also enough makes full earthen bowl of businessman earn basin full.
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