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[Xiamen] marriage car is bungled to destroy, this matter causes substation of To
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Taiwan Strait net on April 12 dispatch (reporter Chen Jie) the day before yesterday, edition of ” of investigation of news of our newspaper “ " tens of unconscious face big fellow break marriage motorcade madly " one article, the day marriage car that reported couple of bridal Miss Guo gets married is bungled to destroy. This matter causes substation of Tongan public security take seriously, a deputy director general expresses this bureau the day before yesterday should father investigate this matter.

The day before yesterday, just meet director of Tongan area public security recieves day, the marital Xiaochen of Miss Guo comes to look for public security director to reflect a condition, the Cai deputy director general of substation of Tongan area public security makes known his position, should father investigate this matter, hit savage gangster.

Small Chen Hai says, this marriage motorcade is broken, he wants reparations many yuan 20, his parents is local farmer, this compensation fund is astronomical undoubtedly to them. Cai deputy director general tells him to say, police nots allow to make the gangster of such disregard law and discipline run amuck, must severe blow. [Xiamen] " marriage car is broken " follow-up police makes known his position to father surely check

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