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Congratulate marriage poem
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One, poem of He Ding marriage

1, classmate fellow villager holds a comrade concurrently, two surnames allied happy event is ordered close, be related knows beforehand sure, much in the future child much grandson.
2, marriage arrive to be made the same score comfort Xiang Ping, kuang Jianjia Ou is become from the day, greet close Ji Riqi to enrol me, compotation alcohol wine wining with dregs 100 small-mouthed jar.
3, heart door should predict good news to come, the month often passes book belt to laugh, spit Feng Shaoqiu to call aid the United States, multiply Ou Qingcai of dragon chant garrulous.
4, happy event see couplet be stationed in appropriate home room, stand for a long while wait for return journey to do a capable person, wished Xiang Pingchang history, cup of silk tree of equipment of A Weng Ying.

2, congratulate marriage poem

5, wedding day is worth Indian summer, wind warms Hua Tang has jade person, should be early in the morning of 3 strange predestined relationships is decided, free teach Xiang Jingjing to be like guest.
6, red Shu embraces beautiful of charming giving state, bi Gezhu couplet looks side-by-side, terrestrial gentleman occupies Fu Hui, an affectionate couple is repaired be proud immortal.
7, man is early year old of Cheng Caihua, colour pen group pushing is everybody, if move powdery black to makeup stage, thrush depth overflows light boast.
8, Tian Chengjia Ou is bosom friend, be the same as pleasant painstakingly not to cease to be faithful in all, beautiful candle bridal chamber kisses knot kiss, chun Xiao surpasses a thousand pieces of gold momently.
9, happy match of conclude of narrow of smooth level and oblique tones, love love silk to be pulled early oneself, alliance of sea stone hill is all tender, date to respect Le Mianmian.
10, marry heavy burden hundred years even, let harmony love more firm, add up to fine to companion very much endless blessing, before Xing Jiali job gives a person.
11, happy match is noted on 3 unripe stone, line of color of conjugal love husband and wife is pulled, spring scenery immensity spends riches and honour, meaning of man situation concubine two lingering.
12, boudoir of boast of Jing Xinghuan colour, celestial bodies of auspicious day fine adds up to wine cup nuptialing wine cup, joyous fish of affection of treasure family dependant gets water, the circle has spent the month to match a day to grow.
13, free verse written in a vernacular this day of Xiong Lin, hand in do obeisance to geminate happy event to be able to 't help, the appearance of green hill eyebrow of the picture is good, it is homocentric that hundred years have a tie.
14, dance of husband and wife of Ren Zhaiying change, when Xin Fengji day and fine, gansu gets thick Cheng Tianyou on the west, blessing salary parallel attain display congratulate.
15, Hai Zhidong of conclude of 3 strange predestined relationships, two Xiao Mocai annals also are the same as, cause letter base establish today, if glory day is medium.
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