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"Bilingual " emcee grooms batch
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“ China and foreign countries is allied “ of wedding of Chinese style of grow in quantity of ” new personality has a blurred vision”

Marriage of report from our correspondent celebrates emcee light to have eloquence and capacity of meet an emergency, had not followed to go up it seems that tide. The reporter celebrated guild know from Shanghai marriage yesterday, to make “ China and foreign countries allied the new personality of ” enjoys more pure emcee service, this association prepares to open groom the ” of “ bilingual class of ability of emcee foreign language, be in what will begin first phase this year in May the most quickly to groom.

Marriage of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals amounted to 5000 pairs last year

According to the statistic of civil administration branch, the new personality of allied ” achieved China and foreign countries of this city “ last year many pairs 5000, chose what hold wedding in Shen Cheng to be occupied among them 9 into.

He Lina of this association secretary-general says frankly to the reporter, the foreigner that holds wedding in Shanghai nowadays is increasing. Like simple, favorite bridal ceremony to differ with Shanghai citizen, the foreigner prefers the bridal ceremony of traditional Chinese style and grand and festival feeling. Below this kind of circumstance, the emcee foreign language ability that serves personnel appears important all the more. “ knows the bridegroom of Chinese besides minority, new personality of a lot of foreign countries and their relatives and friends can be to watch the scene of bustle only to whole ceremony, culture, consuetudinary to among them tradition even word of a few fun does not understand. ” He Lina says, encounter the wedding with particularly much relatives and friends of a few foreigners, can match interpreter of a foreign language again by emcee only, the time of so whole ceremony by protraction one times, feeling letting a person is depressing. Undergraduate white-collar all can sign up if “ has English base, master a few abroad to be opposite again the common saying view of respect of marriage Qing Liyi, emcee is chaired rise the meeting is a lot of more relaxed, more close to also be being met for new personality. ” He Lina says, the emcee talent demand that chairs wedding with Chinese and foreign language is known in Shanghai very big, and at present ” of library of this “ talent is in blank basically however.

“ as ‘ the arrival of 51 ’ golden week, add a few wedding day after autumn, emcee of our ‘ gold ’ books one sky basically. ” He Lina thinks, the “ latent capacity that should sufficient mining has emcee talent ” . For instance the professional undergraduate such as English, Japanese, the crowd such as the white-collar that waits for time to be able to be controlled freely on the weekend can sign up, the marriage that is Shanghai celebrates infuse of emcee talent library ” of fresh “ blood.
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