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Line of car of Nanjing city lucky marriage
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FromNanjing city” beautiful happy event is married allusion ” marriage celebrates a company to understand, new personality avoids in auspicious of the hasten on line of choice marriage car fierce, basically have the following lines:
Circuit 1: An emergency door -- hill of ― riches and honour, this course is a ” of hit of new personality “ is highest, yu Yi is peace and tranquility to enter, riches and honour goes out.
Circuit 2: Long Le Lu -- ― always Le Lu -- road of ― big light -- alley of ― sea blessing -- the road in ― Long Pan, this course is the course that the new personality austral the city loves most, most of course the old person in the home is advocated, hope newlywed person is senior happy, always blessing of happy, sea, touch expensive gas to Long Pan later like that.
Circuit 3: Oriental cherry highway (municipal government doorway) -- road of north of ― peace and tranquility -- the road austral ― peace and tranquility -- ― is big 4 blessing alley, this road is a way that city go-between likes, the analogy is whole marriage romance, warmth, no matter be in,far apart is smooth smooth An An, move toward 4 blessing region next.
Circuit 4: Dragon river area, way is good, landscape beauty. Dragon river homophonic falls for dragon, will go around in circles to here, hope new personality gives birth to a skink quickly namely.
Circuit 5: Phoenix on the west street -- ― phoenix street -- road of ― tiger crouch -- ― collect celebrates a road, the new personality on the west likes the city this road, especially the girl here gets married, this is to need the path of classics, expressed to Jin Fenghuang flies off in phoenix nest, jin Fenghuang passes by tiger crouch, was on the road of the whole world or nation joins in he jubilation.
“ beautiful happy event is married allusion ” marriage celebrates company proposal, new people wants to set out according to actual condition when choice wedding receives close line, because the construction of 2 lines mixes this city subway now the construction of circuitry of trestle of dragon coil road, a lot of road instead one-way street or must not influence pursue a new course, new people is in after receiving close line certainly, want to drive to make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, ensure the journey is reasonable that day, time is enough. Nanjing marriage celebrates a net. Rectify tonsorial cloth
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