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Culture of Xin a list of names posted up is formal transmission (drum-tower area
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Have posture place: Fujian - Fuzhou - drum-tower area

National Day sends “ great gift”
Formal culture transmits Xin a list of names posted up limited company is the formal company that a major pursues bridal celebration engineering, our company roll out a few medium, high-grade bridal formulas ceremoniously through elaborate design this year. Greet National Day to be fond of now, company commitment: The new personality that always books wedding before National Day can enjoy privilege of the following formulas by this certificate, in there still is great gift bag to send under privilege.
Our company also roll out pluralistic business, always introduce the person of business, once business make it, our company will change present price 10% as monetary reward, intended person, contact with me please
Company name: Culture of Xin a list of names posted up is formal transmission limited company
Contact: Mr Guo
Email: Xinbang66@126.com
Address: 1#1406 of village of Ou Xihong of drum-tower of the Fuzhou City
Mobile phone: 13960927129
Fax number: 83791296
Domestic phone: 83791296
QQ: 545095639