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Bridal and festival. Literary show, field is decorated. Planar design. Of all ki
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Have posture place: Fujian - fontal city - Jin Jiang city - town of river of Fujian Province advance is black Na Lujin of Yang Xinhua street becomes rusty mountain villa

The first of all of the area austral Fujian is muti_function, network of omnibus form a complete set has kind of all ready job most too the formal transmission orgnaization at an organic whole / whole is managed, comprehensive surround / the project below the banner is respectively; Name choose an auspicious day, decorate, property homemaking hour is versed in, gardens landscape afforest, modelling cloth art, family property, electric equipment, communication, electronic equipment, monitoring,
Background music, lamp act the role ofing, the life lives in bedding, finery jewelry, marriage gauze cosmetic, things of women and children, car, safe, honeymoon travels, present gift, beverage, smoke wine, food, of all kinds presswork, PVC gets stuck, 100 become beautiful art, cold light firework, day scene aerosol, firework colour prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan, develop steam model, literary show, carrier pigeon is put fly, setting specially good effect is decorated, lion of dance dragon dance, act art broker, business affairs ceremony is celebrated, film kinescope, formal equipment, show equipment, fold is exhibited, 3 turn over fascia, yakeli goods, LED glow word, neon lamp, night scene project, PVC bakes Qi Zi / the theme is bridal / bridal vogue makes up / fashionable marriage gauze / marriage car hires Ren Xinchao to decorate / pompon art is braided / arena equipment is rental / festival things is rental sale / plan of activity of of all kinds celebration undertakes / festival holiday sales promotion is decorated / , the one continuous line that waits for one station to try relevant form a complete set serves. [Everything should need and do; All ready breed, reasonable price, close service, all-around the] of different field requirement of all circles of mutiple level convenient and contented society and broad new old client. Plan of bridal and festival whole journey undertakes, product indent is met, the news briefing is decorated with carry out, lay a foundation, open quotation, seal a top, completion, commercial performance, the balloon is braided, ] search to be equal to little beautiful money to “ road ” ! Sweet clew: To save expenditure, do not consume blindly! . . Festival QQ: 767612810. . Advertisement QQ: 651179770. . VIP: 0595-85668773
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