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Note of the check-up before marrying
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The check-up before marriage is prepotent actor Yo the first close.

The content of the check-up before marriage: Above all, what the doctor wants to know party is familial history, individual history and go to already history, the case that all without exception suits to marry and near and consanguineous, and all sorts of hereditary disease happen history.

It is medical then, include hollow in the morning do assay of convention of liver function, blood, make water to check to hospital exsanguinate, and average examination project:

Blood pressure, pulse, breath, height, weight;

Competence of spirit, verbal, conduct;

Limbs activity state;

State of affairs of genital official development;

Do B to exceed even when necessary, electrocardiogram, venereal examination.

Still have sanitarian guidance additionally: Introductory sex physiology and sex hygiene knowledge, use contraceptive and conception knowledge. Wait for inspection report to come out, the doctor is OK go out according to checking a result to leave can deny the proof that marry.

The check-up before marriage is not chastity examination, the doctor will be right the privacy hugger-mugger of party, the party that accepts an inspection need not nervous.

Pass the check-up before marriage, can discover what disease cannot marry, the ability after what disease must be cured can marry, what disease can marry but cannot bear, which when this disease is pregnant, need antenatal fetal diagnose etc, make marriage more perfect thereby happier.