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New personality looks surely! Memoir of the check-up before marriage
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When sweethearts people what think the other side can become him is lifetime when the spouse, should consider necessarily marry problem. In marry before registering, must undertake the medical before marriage first. This is to make sure marriage is perfect, domestic happiness and the important segment with healthy children.

In addition, pre-marital check-ups does not let a person in that way like what what someone says feel too ashamed to show one's face, also won't set a barrier artificially, hold dozen of an affectionate couple in both hands. In the meantime, the doctor also can uphold your character dignity, keep secret for you. Accordingly, ask not much Lv. Memoir of the check-up before marriage of a pair of new personality is below:

Bright the wife's father that had seen future and mother-in-law, feeling pleased taking girlfriend Jia Ling to return his again in the home. The head sees the old father of son girlfriend, old Mom, see this beautiful future son's wife, be only too anxious to will carry her with bright red bridal sedan chair tomorrow move into one's husband's household upon marriage.

Two important appointment are passed smoothly, this alignment husband and wife is preparatory wedding and busy dazed angry goes up. Nevertheless, they did not forget the 3rd appointment -- do the checkup before marriage to the hospital.

Through beforehand after exsanguinate leaves pee, seminal fluid to make laboratory test, domestic Ming Hejia Ling is taken to the hospital today examine result. Push the door, already had so do a lot of alignment husband and wife is waiting, differ meeting, the nurse is vociferous arrive " Liu Jiaming " .

Bright enter doctor room, the doctor signals fluid of blood, make water and seminal assay result first bright. Later, the doctor is a size of bright examination spermary and solid level, and the growth of phallic development and wrapping the circumstance. "Your physiology is very normal. " the doctor tells the home bright.

Then, jia Ling also went in. Seeing is female doctor, instantly loosened at a heat. The doctor told Jia Ling the result of blood test and check pee, ask her individual and familial medical history. Later, the doctor calls Jia Lingping to lie on the bed, after be being asked for so that Jia Ling agrees, undertake for her pelvic cavity is checked. The doctor wears a glove, ask to part double foot, check vulva part first, enter the vagina with put down gently of a finger next inside, at the same time another hand is pressed gently in next abdomens, in order to understand an uterus size, position, appearance and ovarian whether to have tumor. Next, doctor vaginal speculum (attention: The doctor can enquire before the examination whether the girl is maiden, it is maiden need not this kind of appliance) put park vagina inside, your vagina wall is stretched, in order to observe the healthy condition of vaginal wall and cervix.

The doctor says to Jia Ling: "Check out procedure won't generate pain, but may have touch unwell. " she asks Jia Ling loosens muscle, make the examination undertakes more easily.
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