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Marriage check shined " red light "
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A lot of people are in before marriage when check-up, had made conjugal psychology and corporeal preparation, once shine in marriage check " red light " , they are not taken from this " certificate of approval " , mentally will get very big blow. So, the conference in marriage check appears what " red light " , how should be faced again?

Unfavorable bear

The person that always contract serious transmissibility disease, if weigh degree of intelligence low, chronic have a sex choreic, congenital deaf, schizophrenia, hemophiliac etc, should not be commonly bear.

Because a priori forms genetic element, patient all or the part lost own viability, the risk of unborn reappearance disease is higher.

Encounter this kind of situation, need classics party or its guardian to agree, sign an opinion, after adopting lasting effect contraceptive measure or method of applying knot difficult to handle, just can marry.

Defer to marry

Include the following kinds of cases:

1 suffer from appoint contagion, wait like disease of AIDS, clap, syphilis, leprosy, and the other contagion that thinks to the influence marries and can be borne on medicine, include virus sex hepatitis, tuberculosis to wait. If contagion patient is being infected period inside marry, can infect a spouse, affect disease rehabilitation; If after female patient marriage before long namely gravid, still can infect fetal. Accordingly, prepare conjugal men and women, if contract afore-mentioned infection,infecting period inside, ought to defer to marry.

2 insane, include schizophrenia, mania depressed model mental disease, with etc heavy-duty mental disease, be like cranky sex mental disease, implement obstacle of qualitative sex spirit. These patients are coming on period inside can lose control capacity oneself, if be female patient marriage hind is gravid, take a large number of fighting again chlorpromazine content, can affect fetal health, if fetal development is unbalanced,wait. Accordingly, this kind of patient should defer to marry, through treating an illness actively to stabilize two years above marries again relatively reliable.

3 contract the other disease that the influence marries and can bear, wait for disease of main internal organs of the body like heart, liver, lung, kidney, not complete pilot is diabetic, kang Wei classics treats armour or did not alleviate etc. These disease patients all should defer to marry commonly, of be in a bad way. Gravid hind the likelihood endangers security of pregnant woman life, unfavorable bear.

4 suffer from obstacle of reproductive system growth or deformation to wait. Sexual life may be affected after marriage of this kind of patient, answer to marry again after Jiao Zhi.

In pre-marital check-ups, once appear afore-mentioned " red light " , must not think " doomsday " advent: Contrary, should rejoice for it, because marriage check avoided the misfortune of individual and family. The patient should face these with scientific manner " red light " , take corresponding logical step.
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