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Pre-marital check-ups and heredity seek advice
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A pair of young men and women, concern when love after establish, before marry, answer to have checkup actively to the hospital.

Pre-marital check-ups and heredity seek advice is to avoid to be born the important step of inferior children. On international a few take prepotent country seriously, seek advice from the heredity before marriage order for the system. If Japan announced active prepotent protection law 1960, stipulate before marry both sides of male and female needs to exchange healthy letter, have except general checkup and diagnose without transmissibility disease affected part, even calibrating blood type, in case mother child certain state of certain state of the harm that place of blood type disagreement causes, United States and boreal Europe prohibits epileptic patient marries; The country such as Canada, Korea also has stirpiculture law.

Our country government also takes prepotent problem seriously very, marriage law has " directly-related members of one's family -parents and 3 generation less than are collateral line and consanguineous prohibit marrying " regulation. Branch of sanitation of each district medical treatment was opening all sorts of pre-marital check-ups and heredity to seek advice from outpatient service and antenatal to diagnose outpatient service in succession, reach to improve individual quality prepotent did many works. But pre-marital check-ups and heredity seek advice from the job to have not cause general attention, be like can live this closes, will be opposite undoubtedly prepotent job is more good.

Pre-marital check-ups undertakes the guidance before checkup and marriage to the young men and women that will marry namely, checkup includes to enquire examination of check-up of medical history, whole body, genital and necessary assay. Pass an examination to be able to know bilateral healthy state, whether does reproductive system have disease or drawback; The disease that whether contracts main internal organs of the body suffers from or some is planted contagion, and unfavorable marry instantly or bear the problem that waits for a respect. Every contracts the disease with pair of sexual life after marriage and unborn influential health, dou Yingzhong fact carries white ground to tell public health worker, serious ground listens to the doctor's guidance and advice, the disease of discovery and blemish want seasonable treatment, what unfavorable marriage or bear is not loath, can live to the husband and wife after marriage otherwise and a lot of needless anguish and trouble are caused on spirit.

Undertake pre-marital check-ups returns the guidance before the concerned marriage of acceptability medical personnel. If some male youth external genital organs are not wholesome, wrapping dirty piles up, not only easy cause wrapping Baotou is phlogistic, phlogistic; Marriage hind still can cause infection of road of woman make water and genital inflammation to wait. Can have the wholesome knowledge of sexual life and sexual physiology to newlywed, and concern after marriage use contraceptive, bear the guidance that waits for a respect, the happy life after this bilateral to the men and women marriage is very advantageous.
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