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N reason rejects boundless future trouble of marriage check =
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The house had, the car was bought, the age arrived, do not represent had gotten ready married;

You are beautiful woman, he is a talent, also cannot prevent the recessive gene inside you or his body to burst forth come out to destroy marriage;

Is the couple of Master and doctor born the clever baby with an average Einstein with respect to adumbrative move? Be joking!

So, request in you and him " all directions is divine " a lucky day goes to cipher out before registering, still had better be in dry,crisp air of autumn wedding day makes a marriage check. These are not to be in give up your marriage " enthusiasm " , contrary, marriage check is to ensure your marriage everlasting. Because had had lessons drawn from others' mistakes: In every 54 people that join pre-marital check-ups in China, 1 person suffers from pair of marriage and bear influential disease, land of will different level affects marital quality and unborn health. So, to live to old age in conjugal bliss, you should understand feature of his habit, moral character, body more, it is cell, gene even...

The N that rejects marriage check reason

Be indifferent to

○ someone says, who marries to want the child with respect to rapid move now, not necessary the issue that considers to bear before marry, also need not go pre-marital check-ups. When when wanting the child, undertake yield check, be same?

It is good that each other trust

○ believes to allow to reflect each other! I and sweetheart love each other 4 years, each other understand each other, interdepend. The time that love each other grew, natural love is deep. Although he is sick, I also do not care. Who does not fall ill? I feel marriage should build the base that trusting each other.

Scared Fu check

○ hears project of marriage check some is very uncomfortable, especially examination of department of gynaecology. Let others move back and forth your body is secret place, feeling too at odds.

Do not have time

○ original work is busy, arrange nuptial seniority issue even, already busy confused and disoriented. Soon wedding day will come, two people are so busy that two people cannot leave hand in, which still have time to be checked together?

Oneself him body is clear

○ our body is very good, can eat can sleep, where also does not ache, at ordinary times big mistake of it doesn't matter, check simply bring owls to Athens.

Integrated afore-mentioned a variety of argument that reject marriage check, outside notting have be stem from pair of marriage check do not understand. Actually marriage check does not show distrust the other side, not be to the examination gives disease and be prevented more marry, contrary, these body crises were resolved before marriage, do not have future trouble to ensure marriage just about.

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