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Check-up of the psychology before marriage
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In the west a few countries, the psychology before marriage checks almost like the check-up before marriage, it is a kind of test that before marrying, both sides of male and female must want to face. It checks the disposition of two people to whether match not only, it is OK to also should check case of two human nature to whether mature at the same time assume a family. As new " marriage law " promulgate, compulsive marriage check is cancelled, the accurate new people of freewill check-up, raised taller requirement to the checkup before marriage. In Nanning, the psychology before many accurate new personality pay attention to a marriage checks, namely alleged psychology check-up, somebody thinks even, physiology check-up is compared into travel psychology check-up before marriage more be necessary. And be in Zhejiang, the wind of check-up of the psychology before marriage just just sweep.

Test facilitating wedding day

Fine of fine of stage city girl and fiance are small army placed the wedding day that delayed two years eventually recently, they meet the person says: "It is the love that check-up of the psychology before marriage rescued us! "It is the love that check-up of the psychology before marriage rescued us!!

Fine fine He Xiaojun is national official, two people love is old, extroversion of fine fine disposition, lively, often like to fight noisely with office fellow worker play, interest comes, can not divide ground of male and female to tick off a shoulder to build a back even; Small army it is however very the person with very traditional devoir, he thinks give and accept of male and female is not close all the time, have veiled word quite to the behavior of fine fine.

Two people have paragraph of time to begin cold war. Small army raised a proposal: Shop discovery is bad to can return money, but once cross,enter marital hall, want to bear the responsibility of build up front courtyard; We also have a love affair is so long, say impossibly to part company parted company, hear the psychology before there is a marriage recently checks, be inferior to going.

The doctor parts two people discover after the test, small army disposition is more honest and kind, he and fine fine have a lot of places to marital manner is allowed; But making difference of existence of on friendly means and manner two people. But after course of bilateral state of mind is adjusted, still can achieve harmony.

Eliminate remarry scared

A Ping of 38 years old already had a son that reads high school, just walked out of from inside the shadow of the divorce, a Ping is right reentry " encircle a city " have ineffable and scared.

A Ping is lukewarm city person, 20 years old just came forward, married muddle-headedly. "When still talking about love, my former husband often hits me, but I think have a love affair is so long, part company again too ugly, be afraid of be laughed at, also bearing all the time. After can marrying, every time in his heart uncomfortable take me to vent one's anger, see I and other man conversation suspect I have an affair, make a sudden snatch hits me, those years, on my body all the time of the black and blue. Someone says, the life of my that moment follows TV " do not speak with stranger " in exactly like! The life of my that moment follows TV " do not speak with stranger " in exactly like!!
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