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The content of the check-up before marriage
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Preparation goes doing before marriage the friends that medicine checks, ask you to remember, going doing before marriage before medical examination, must view your number of households and total population thin, Id, often live whether does a inch of photo take the without hat of recommendation and individual 3 pieces all ready. Special " number of households and total population is small " very important, because the doctor wants the medicine before issued marriage,the examination proves the address that go up, must want and your number of households and total population is small the address that go up is written consistently, if do not take registered permanent residence thin, oneself remember not be clear about again, address clerical error, civil administration branch does not give register, you still must run to correct again, the time that delayed you oneself then. So, we are special put forward to ask you to want notice. Go doing before marriage there still is the following item to want to notice before medicine checks:

(1) woman party is checked in escape menses, menses cannot be checked, also can affect its groovy assay result at the same time.

(2) party is making an inspection the morning is abstinence that day, because check liver result to ask hollow exsanguinate, otherwise, also can affect examination result.

(3) what should stress is: Party is checking a few days ago must system has stopped, cannot sleep too late, do not want overworked, should not drink more, the result of liver result assay that affects you likely because of these circumstances, once appear GPT heighten, press a requirement to cannot send card in time to you, still must check through cure card is sent to you again after falling, that by accident your own thing.