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Autograph marriage gauze is illuminated film the note of the contract
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Pledge for guaranty, avoid to consume trap, marriage gauze is illuminated film whole process must notice a lot of detail, among them the most important is a few old agreements in the contract:

1. Marriage gauze formal attire can offer the amount that choose, whether to have dress surtax?

2. Try on dress and affirm, inn just must assure to film the dress that already affirmed that day is neat can use.

3. Whether to require the clean cost that garment takes outside paying?

4. The cosmetic that modelling place needs whether to have the share that wants other adscititious price?

5. Appoint division of cameraman, modelling whether does collection appoint cost? Charge how many?

6. Whether is exterior films man-to-man service? Be still the group is patted?

7. Adorn article whether to receive surtax?

8. Cameraman, makeup girl films did not arrive on time that day, if why handle beak a contract?

9. Whether did cameraman, makeup girl take a group of pictures only that day?

10. Film the amount of wool flake should not under how many?

11. The traffic of exterior, have entrance ticket of travel, beauty spot, stop the charge such as fare by whose defray?

12. Exterior encounters pluvial snow to wait for atrocious weather, how to fill pat?

13. Film relatives and friends can deny a person of the same trade that day?

14. The amount of later period finished product, norms and character?

15. Wool flake and PS piece whether to give entirely? Still collect fees?

16. If increase later period finished product to make, how to collect fees?

17. Can you deny pair of later period designs to look appearance and put forward to revise?

18. The later period finished product such as album is made have a problem, if bubble, become curved, character nots agree with etc, if why be handled?

19. Below what circumstance can be subscription returned?

20. Detailed payment and pay time?

21. Whether to brush card to add poundage?

22. Does marriage gauze company have does without other special provision need to cooperate? Or additional collect fees?