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Choose 5 of marriage banquet place essential elements
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Wine shop, hotel is much is, does if where,this numerous place choose join the fete field of intention? Besides considering area and price, the food that this field provides and service quality and field the element that environment and interval are new personality consideration. The marriage banquet of major wine shop, hotel is formula form, divide that evening outside feast, more included other form a complete set to serve, the marriage banquet ground that new personality can consult different formula choose caters to him to need is nodded.

Area choice

The site that new personality can consider to choose is adjacent new residence, register place or cathedral, the bridegroom's or husband's family and the bride's side and place of house of relatives and friends. Need at the same time advertent this place traffic is convenient, for example adjacent subway station, bus stands, whether is there berth car place to wait around.


The feast price of the choice does not want with at the outset finance budget discrepancy is too big, differ because of price of each desk feast hundreds of, tens of desks differ thousands of yuan, but attempt and hotel controller bargain, cutout reduces redundant project or privilege, the money that such new personality spend just is applied effectively.

Food reachs service quality

If food reachs service quality to want to have,assure, can listen to introduce by the friend that has married, perhaps look for the hotel of acquaintanceship again, if do not have a way to rely on public praise only, yi Ke with first proper motion patronage, examine its dish flavour and service level. Had better not choose dimensions too small, come quality has harder assure, 2 will fear preventing did not place wine to already ended do business! The wine shop that choice group runs or hotel have safeguard more.

Field environment and interval

Marriage banquet field can be chosen according to individual be fond of, like advanced and luxurious optional choose for example hotel of 5 stars class. Of course, air of seascape, fame, auditorium can be among them consideration element, new personality observes the meeting is more true and reliable on the spot.

As to removed respect, if new personality is placed banquet number is very much, for example 50 banquet above, must the banquet number that the auditorium can contain advertent place, avoid a few to part as far as possible, come bridegroom, bride should take a few take care very disadvantageous, and also lose air so, peace can choose large assembly hall, the marriage banquet field that should avoid stricture at the same time or disperses.

Form a complete set serves

Nowadays is major the public house that has dimensions a bit or wine shop have service of marriage banquet formula, include flatlet of marriage cake, hotel, honored guest to inscribe register for example, even marriage gauze photography, festooned vehicle, field is decorated, the gift that answer the door, invitation is waited a moment, give a gift to inspect new personality orders feast quantity and decide, but should advertent whether do these formulas combine guest taste, do not want sheet to see formula dish how much measure, ask the scope that is clear that each place includes, invitation card for example time of hire of amount, festooned vehicle, field decorates design to wait, because revise,occasionally these privilege are met and collect fee additionally.
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