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Do you know? Popular at 80 after additional kind " marriage check "
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Since mandatory after marriage check cancels, the youth that has the check-up before marriage self-consciously is less and less, and one kind aims to undertake an analysis from disposition, mentally, the " of check of " disposition marriage that whether both sides of judgement men and women suits to marry is in in recent years and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Nanchang appears in succession, begin fashionable whole nation, and it is the crowd that 80 time are born for the most part among them. Why crowd of the " after these preparations enter the "80 of marriage Yo phase escapes constitution marriage check and be why crowd of the " after these preparation enter the "80 of marriage Yo phase escapes constitution marriage check and fond of disposition marriage check? What kind of marriage view does their this acting burgeoning mankind have after all? The reporter launched investigation to this.

The " after "80 of test of the disposition before arisen marriage becomes each district client group main body

The Li Shuhui that in Nanchang building of a shadow does makeup girl and male friend are in recently buy furniture, hold when doing wedding successive because of occurrence difference produce attrition to quarrel even. In the course of contacts, two people begin to felt to love each other in that way before unlike. Pained they remembered disposition marriage check, the hope can measure a both sides to whether suit to enter marital hall so.

Check through the orgnaization seeking advice in a psychology, xiaoli is the disposition of depend on strong sex of the model, apt controls the person in the environment, thing to perhaps concern with quick way, apt is rapid make conclusion and male friend is experimental sex disposition, like experience and appreciation, hope possible to place circumstance has comprehensive knowledge, redo gives a decision. Advisory division basis suggests on the spot as a result, in wanting the process that they will get along henceforth, when if encounter need,making make a decision, both sides ought to understand the other side morely.

The " of check of marriage of disposition of this kind of alleged " with big at present popular city, basically include cartel questionnaire of 16 personality factor. The scientific method development that American psychologist cartel uses a series of rigor gives system of this one test, its purpose is recognize oneself and the other side. He 1800 kinds of descriptions to human behavior, carry analysis, count, incorporate factor of 16 kinds of personality, include Le Qun sex, intelligent sex, stability, depend on sex of strong sex, stimulant, preserving, dare be gender, sensitivity, suspicion sex of sex of gender, illusion sex, the ways of the world, anxious sex, experiment sex, independent character, self-discipline, angst sex. This disposition trend that measures a watch to basically be used at checking Everyman and characteristic. Checking a process is the questionnaire test that two people are asked to do a content to agree at the same time mostly, undertake through answering question disposition is analysed.
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