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10 years household decorates future 5 craze trend
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One, " adornment sex " investment proportion will be increased stage by stage. As the residence " 2 class market " open, people in 5-10 the case that the home moves inside year will appear generally, can change from this " decorate, live all one's life " old idea, people also will not be thrown to bridal chamber too big decorate charge. Of the capacious, income as housing rise, people can purchase more high-grade furniture, handicraft, collect article etc, namely indoors " decorate " on " next capital " .

2, the design that build a house and decorate a lieutenant general to take seriously " deposit, reveal " space. No matter the housing henceforth is in building design or indoor reload to repair, will go up in the foundation that takes storage space seriously, rejoin " reveal a gender " , in order to add the culture atmosphere of household.

3, the power that the home has polarization. In 10 years of henceforth, the period that young generation will still change oftener at the job, because this is lived in also too won't fixed. On the choice of furniture, also be necessarily " muti_function, light, cheap " had better. And on the other hand, the public figure that has to the career will tell, buying high-grade furniture is to want with a person of extraordinary powers curtilage form a complete set; 2 it is to be able to reflect a kind of individual character and culture; 3 it is to be in practical in have view and admire a gender; 4 it is insurable still value rise in value. Accordingly, high-grade high-quality goods and even highest grade furniture also will have particular market.

4, the full-scale development of material of adornment of new-style building materials and application. Specific gravity the model steel stuff with small, expensive intensity, make live in " partition " become more agile, the push-pull fold type that makes with this material " partition " use will morely between kitchen and dining-room, bedroom and sitting room.

5, " demand " namely " reasonable with feasible " . As people living standard rise, housing area can be shown large change, housing of original little space will get issue and be decoratinged afresh stage by stage. In residential building, use ferroconcrete frame structure will increasingly, "An unit a large space " advanced design, for in the future interior space change created good condition.