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What bridegroom as hired hand in certain trades to go up in wedding is wonderful
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Each guest of respect:

Everybody is good!
Today of my from the bottom of one's heart happy and excited, because I married eventually. Even if have thousands of words,do not know however for a short while from and speak of. But I know, this 10 thousand language 1000 character can gather together finally only two words, that is " thank " .

Each friend that wants acknowledgment to be present above all is in of this happiness on the weekend, the love that comes round to be I and Xxx designedly does a significant testimony, without you, also do not have this, those who make I and my wife unforgettable all one's life is bridal.

Next, thank the parents of Xxx even, I want to be opposite you 2 often say, you 2 often deliver to an only a beloved daughter on your hand I this youth is custodial, thank your accredit, I am absolutely also won't disappoint your accredit, but I should say, I am likely the daughter that this all one's life also cannot let you becomes the most wealthy woman on the world, but I can make with my life she becomes the happiest woman on the world.

The 3rd, I want acknowledgment to be beside me this looks in me is the prettiest woman on the world, went up yesterday the net of one night, saying to show population of the male on alive bound on the net is 2.9 billion 8 ten million, I have the got this 2.9 billion 8 thousand ten thousand opportunity of 1/0 becomes Xxx man that promote actually, the opportunity of 1/0 is equivalent to 2.9 billion 8 ten million, the of 5 million lottery in a person is connected in a month, but I feel this life can be together with Xxx, be how many cannot be likened to of 5 million. So I want to say, xxx thanks you, thank you to promise to marry me this is wet behind the ears, the wool head boy with experience not dark world.
But at the moment, there are pair of one your ashameds to remorse however in my heart, because I did not tell you all the time, before knowing you again, mix after knowing you, my deep all the time still love is worn another woman, and calculate our marriage, also cannot hold back me to be longed for to hers day and night, that woman also comes to bridal spot, dear, she is, my mom. Mom, thank you, a decision that changed your lifetime was made before thanking you to be in 28 years, you use the body appearance of your beautiful Li Qingchun and graceful, reached a life zone this world, let him learn knowledge, teach him to learn to be an upright person, you let him experience the most unselfish love on the world, you gave him the warmest home on the world, you tell him to be an upright person want simple minded, what you tell him the home is important, but this little life is constant ask for trouble, offend you to get angry, let you hang abdomen to pull bowel two years for him, a few years ago of my father die, it is to let me experience you to be in more of my life important, I also won't forget you my two sides in ocean, day of day night of those thousands of spent longing. Now, I want to say, mom, painstaking you, we good, the son was brought up, son marriage. You can be at ease and glad, I am very happy, met this world because of me two most the most kind-hearted and beautiful wife.
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