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Perfect and bridal layout prepares whole strategy (2)
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(2) the software of the hotel

The service that points to a hotel is here, of course this kind of software has a lazy skill, that treats the astral form of the hotel namely, from normal angle character, astral class the more tall, the service reachs the designated position the more. But this is not treat as the same, sometimes the case is not such. The hotel of a lot of guesthouse of Shanghai is what allege with them " astral class " not proportional, they can be become " 4 stars " or " 5 stars " , because fame is compared,be ring or the history is longer, belong to " take care of " property, there are a few public houses on Nanjing road is this kind of circumstance, fact their go up service quality is not high. Instead a few hotels do not have astral class even, serve instead pretty good. If be cast " astral class " do not talk, we can inspect the software of the hotel with the following skill

1. The toilet of the hotel

Look how, seem or " hardware " problem, actually otherwise, cong Mou plants the toilet of the hotel reflect its software service adequately on degree, not be to say the toilet is neat, the service is regular good, but toilet frowziness, so service quality has a problem certainly, if some the toilet regards as " storehouse " or of other utility, so proposal of this kind of hotel grants to consider far from;

2. The serves personnel quality of the hotel

Generally speaking, the service personnel that is like wine shop 95% above dispute Shanghai person, so the quality of hotel service personnel remains to think, here did not discriminate against the meaning of foreigner, contrary the problem that this is a concept, the hotel serves the labor that is not a tall intelligence, below this kind of circumstance, the hotel chooses nonlocal personnel, basically be from " economy " angle consideration, and rather than from " the talent is introduced " angle consideration, accordingly too tell " economy " hotel, to the service the respect such as concept, means won't have very great attention, service quality cans be imagined.

3. The field service of the hotel

Very simple way, the meal eats in this hotel can, all problems are exposed undoubted, take in everything in a glance of the service standard degree that serves personnel, civilized degree, even the speed of the stand or fall of famished look, serving, have certain knowledge, but should head for as average customer. Do not alarm hotel sale.

4. The marriage of the hotel celebrates a company

A lot of hotels can have his marriage to celebrate a company, some are to hang lean over, some are the subordinate orgnaizations of the hotel, of course because belong to " form a complete set is supplied " , the price may opposite petty gain, but most quality is more general, poorer even, as a result of " imperial daughter not anxious is married " , and the wedding that is confined to this hotel mostly is held do, so this kind of marriage celebrates the experience of the company and foundation to lose quite, even if should choose this kind of company, also want to guard a pass strictly, and the room of the choice is less, also have exception of course, for instance of Ruijin guesthouse hang lean marriage celebrating one of companies is current hot " *** " , quality also assures.
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