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Bridegroom note
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Bridegroom note

The bridegroom after be engaged should begin to choose bridesman and other partner an ancient official title instantly. Bridesman is the assistant with capable bridegroom, choose should sensibly. Bridesman should help the dress of bridegroom normally, keep composed in wedding, admonish before celebration bridegroom, taking wedding ring and preside over a wedding ceremony the person's monetary reward, go up in marriage banquet to bridegroom bride toast. And partner man people first job is the member that wedding welcomes guest.

About accompanying the dress of man

Once bridesman and partner man come down certainly, bridegroom should pick the clothes for them. Their dress must be worn in formal circumstance aptly. They themselves must draw out money to buy the clothes, unless bridegroom or bride think,send them the clothing as the gift.

About guest list

Bridegroom should be in charge of deciding him likewise the guest list of this half part. Best bridegroom drafts first a longer list, next with the bride together, the basis is estimated how many progressively and cut this list.

About vehicle

Bridegroom is in charge of planning the vehicle of celebration and marriage banquet, before wedding 4 months can begin. About the charge of the service, length.

About accompanying the gift of man

Accompany the support of man for acknowledgment, bridegroom will give them on rehearsal dinner each a gift. The pen is the optimal gift that is used repeatedly, but the thing of any individuation should be the most appropriate.

About honeymoon

Today, couple the two issues that decide concerned honeymoon together normally, suffer traditional effect nevertheless, bridegroom still is mixed in the plan of honeymoon make an appointment the job that the respect assumed much, make a bride satisfactory.

About assisting a bride

As long as bridegroom is willing, besides the work of own one's duty, he can help a bride do all sorts of businesses. The most important is bridegroom must support and understand a bride.