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Wedding enters of the ceremony walk along appearance and bearing correctly
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A. Enter of the ceremony take appearance correctly

Enter the ceremony is the first time before all guest appears on new personality formally, master walk correctly the method is very important.

Bridegroom should look up, hold out a bosom, visual ahead, step is moderate, rate is a bit slow. The most crucial still is a bride. Because some brides are unaccustomed wear marriage gauze and high-heeled shoes, may have the accident case that steps on skirt, so formal attire shoulds not be too long. The bride walks correctly means is: Playing skirt side gently with tiptoe, thenar graze crosses the territory, slowly forward. Tell strictly, the look of new personality should be orthoptic from beginning to end ahead, before putting the line of sight at 10 meters as far as possible, such is helpful for that take a picture. But for safe for the purpose of, bridal line of sight is OK in a way is down, but cannot too over- , lest affect figure.

B. Dress robe how face about

Formal attire and general clothes are different, wanting to change a bit way only is impracticable. Pulling skirt to depend on with the hang of hyperbole attitude face about, as contrary as direction of rotation hand is used when face about capture skirt edge and bustle to be carried up a little gently, skirt grows in dress, wrapping around to grow wrap around when gauze, hang them on them artifice, for an instant fast face about.

C. Bridal hand maintains a standard beautifully

How to hold a hand to spend ability to look natural and graceful, give a person decorous and free from vulgarity impression?

What the hand spends is correct holding a way is the little finger should be the same as side with big toe, clip the flower closely, can secure bouquet so, unapt chaos is jolty.

If be double hand,hold hand flower, should be to look up hold out a bosom, double shoulder naturally is lop, both hands holds the upper part of bone of beautiful park waist, can give person contented self-confident and comfortable, sedate sense so. Before if spend the hand,raising park chest, your shoulder can rise, give a person nervous sense.

Additional, in card marriage when, normally bridegroom is those who stand in the bride on the right side of, so if sheet holds a flower, should take stop to spend with left hand. If be to use nifty and lovely globose hand flower, can regard it as leftward is carried like the handbag, perhaps hang leftward artifice.

D. The station appearance when celebration

Naturally is erect the back of the human body, bridegroom, bride is mutual conciously mosaic " 8 " glyph, no matter receive a guest to still pat souvenir to illuminate, condition of station standing position is very fundamental, because this wants special attention gift is nice.

Back has up extend feeling, the head, hip and calcaneal become linear, the upper part of the body has by the feeling of trice, when standing particularly invigorative. The bride should stand after leaning beside bridegroom to arrange 15 centimeters of place, the right hand carries on the arm bridegroom sword arm, the position of two people resembles " 8 " word, the front takes a picture the feeling is optimal; Left arm of bridegroom light music, let bridal handle be inserted in ancon. Those who want an attention is the clothing that the bride does not want to pulling bridegroom, let a person have cowardly feeling. Additional, bridegroom should not highlight abdomen overly for erect back, never mind pulling a bride, lest step on skirt, also do not leave too far. The bride does not want dead deathtrap to dragging the arm of bridegroom, be like for fear that like his meeting desert.
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