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What does the disease that thinks to ought not to marry on medicine have?
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What is the disease that thinks to ought not to marry on medicine, marriage law does not have a regulation.

Mother baby hygiene sets, the men and women is in marry when registering, ought to the medicine before hold marriage checks a proof or medical appraisal proves. Examination of the medicine before marriage includes serious transmissibility illness, appoint contagion, concerned mental disease the examination of 3 kinds of diseases.

Via examination of the medicine before marriage, appoint contagion to sufferring from during be being infected inside perhaps coming on about mental disease period inside, the doctor ought to show a case to both sides of male and female, offer medical opinion; Both sides of classics men and women agrees with what perhaps do not bear after applying ligate operation to take lasting effect contraceptive step, OK marriage. Although mother baby hygiene showed marriage check project and the case that defer to marry, but did not ban marriage disease certainly, also not be commonly plus the doctor in marriage check report whether can object of clear marriage check marry, to marry the job that register brought difficulty. As the development of science and technology, will discover a lot of disease that newly unfavorable marriage are planted, marriage law is undefined which to suffer from to plant ill unfavorable marriage, can set for " think to should not be on medicine conjugal disease " , specific by administrative regulations or concerned section provision. Somebody puts forward, hereditary disease is a lot of more phyletic, genetic gene is different, genetic situation is different, the child that after having marriage of serious and hereditary disease, bears does not contract hereditary disease certainly. For instance genetic rate of the dwarf is 50 % . If marry with birth departure, especially the development as science and technology, some hereditary disease can be cured, the person that marriage law ought to allow to contract hereditary disease marries, but unfavorable bear. Can deny about venereal, AIDS marry, have different view. A kind of opinion thinks, the person that AIDS virus is affected bears genetic scale is 20 %- 30 % , if use drug controallable in 4 % less than. Prohibit AIDS person marries, it is the discrimination of the person that affect to AIDS virus, the policy that the person that affect to AIDS virus with the country keeps secret and protects nots agree with, go against the control that influences a source to AIDS, also operate hard in practice. Because show project of check of most place marriage not to include AIDS examination, marriage registers a branch to who master very hard is the person that AIDS virus is affected. Outside dividing Cuba, country of foreign great majority does not prohibit the person that AIDS virus is affected marries. Another kind of opinion thinks, AIDS infectivity is big, deadly rate is high, very big to influence of society, family, unfavorable marriage.

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