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Think conjugal young men and women needs what to notice most
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Invite in the marriage that after entering spring, I receive a few good friends continuously, feeling distressed purse when still rose a little with everybody about entering postnuptial a few trifling topics, because although someone says,pass " the graveyard that marriage is love " , but everybody still believes " if do not have marital word, love will come to a bad end " , so the form that encourages marriage of big housekeeping money harvests love harvests me, but a n experienced person that serves as marriage, however a few experience wants to tell everybody, it is " marry note " , speak out to be shared together with everybody.

Actually, before entering marriage, two men and womens that love each other are the longing that was full of happiness to marital future certainly (but also having partial person is be full of fear) , place compares easy oversight with often be in this kind of mood a lot of problems that attribute essence.

Common saying says the life does not have an important matter, in the long years in matrimony more it is bagatelle, insignificant minor matter, but if handle bad sentence,same meeting gives big question, light is the right that loses marriage and sweetness, heavy meeting is affected all one's life.

It is the life manner about marriage above all: Should be to stare ground appreciation each other before marriage, marriage hind should be mutual and self-effacing respect.

Actually, still need to do the work of an amalgamative similar terms, all problems in marriage you can discover only two problems are core problem immediately after classify: One is money, one is a gender.

Whose home gets along cannot leave money, the problem that wants to handle good money must hold a principle is a democratic centralism, first democratic, no matter what the utility of money is, how much to spend, spend by who, had better tell each other, after all although we does not say judicatory meaning go up " common property " , also always ought not to divide in mentally so clear, you are you, I am me, inform in order to discuss with the snout that seeks an opinion so, this calls marriage medium democracy, so centralized means what, the one party that must put forward to spend money finally namely should have a specific reason and objective, cannot control sway, suffer the opposition of the other side very easily in that way and cause yourself heart in uncomfortable, other of course one party had better make allowances for the requirement spending money of the other side more as far as possible, short of violates domestic financial principle, much still support is good.

In the daily life of a family, the proposal establishs a principle about conduct financial transactions, such is in when spending money won't because of without decision-making basis vexed injury feeling.

Money is being spent in domesticity is an art really, no matter your income level is high,be low, because same meeting spends money to give an issue.
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