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A collection of selected specimens of marriage banquet game
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5 child ascend division

Test new personality matchs the tacit agreement that close each other, look for a red cord, new personality holds each with the mouth, the cigarette that intermediate strung lights, the 5 match that follow upend are put on the desk (can insert on the fruit) next new personality cannot help with the hand, two people collaboration lights 5 match entirely.

Difficulty: 3 do laugh at degree of 2 spots atmosphere 4 clew: Must stretch tight closely cord eye is aimed at.

Love cup

Take 2 same glasses, amid of full wine lasts on lid of ministry of mouth of a cup film, next speak or sing alternately of 2 cups mouth buckle on slowly take out film, not active hand drinks requirement new personality to buckle two cups of wine that be together together, cannot asperse piece.

Difficulty: 4 do laugh at degree of 3 spots atmosphere 5 clew: In wanting newlywed person only among them one person pushs cup in a way, another person exerts all his strength simply it is OK to drink.

Sincerity big round of drinks swims

One person is embracing requirement newlywed person additionally one person gallops circle a bridegroom to breathe out greatly: *** carries today wife kind the bride is knocking big basin to breathe out greatly at the same time: *** marries a person today, can be by a matron of honour that accompany man in front open circuit, bub is taken in the hand " accompany "

Difficulty 2 do laugh at degree of 5 spots atmosphere 5 clew: This kind of title is apply colours to a drawing only it is OK that spot atmosphere new personality does not hesitate to be done rapidly change a subject otherwise miserable ah

Make public secretly greatly

Give newlywed person each a piece of small scrip, ask they are written on the thing that the thing with the most unforgettable thing with the most disgusting the happiest thing touchs most likes him most (she) local first time (*** ) wait a moment in where, time. When writing, want to isolate 2 people temporarily. Hand in scrip next by actuary. Make new personality mutual guess the other side what to may write finally. Guess bos to breathe out ah waiting for be made to drink as a forfeit.

Difficulty 5 do laugh at degree of 5 spots atmosphere 5 clew: New personality must shift to an earlier date 2 people want ready-made gas of have friendly relations unites a view otherwise consequence can be very serious. Guest should notice to not be on time as far as possible make an issue of, the atmosphere of bad meeting impact that exact time forgets more easily to do can be on specific action detail and place make an issue of.

Popularity breaks up greatly sing

Look for some of familiar to the ear can the song of detailed, will inside appear often you, I change husband wife and sing sentimentally, absolutely satisfy a craving! Classical recommend- - there is mother only on the world (husband) good,
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