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Cookbook of health of a week before marriage reducing weight
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The whirl of grace of pace of a waltz arrives before lens, discover oneself suddenly already " laugh and grow fat " , slender before waist limb had had " small toot toots " the flesh, still have time? Immediately concern rises... need not nervous, everything still has time, a week health before wanting to try the marriage that we recommend only reduces weight cookbook, still give you a lightsome figure, it is tickler no longer.

Zhou Yi

Early: Coffee, apple

Midday: Rice (a bowl small) fry silk of potato green pepper, unripe cucumber, laver soup

Late: The shrimp that boil (several) , burn bean curd, cold and dressed with sause to give birth to bud of onion, Qin

Zhou Er

Early: Porridge (a bowl small) , biscuit (one) grape

Midday: Soup of bean curd of turnip of crucian carp fish, the egg that boil (a) , vegetable salad

Late: Gram congee (a bowl small) steamed bread (a) , unripe mix eggplant mud, unripe cucumber

Zhou San

Early: Peach of monkey of oolong, cover

Midday: Burn bamboo shoot, cold and dressed with sause on the west the orchid, egg that boil

Late: Silk of kelp of beef, cold and dressed with sause.

Zhou Si

Early: Rice congee (a bowl small) , whole wheat bread () , orange

Midday: Burn soup of beef, vegetable salad, wax gourd, unripe tomato

Late: Samp (a bowl small) , steamed bread () , burn asparagus, unripe cucumber

Zhou Wu

Early: Coffee, apple

Midday: Rice (a bowl small) , element stew hyacinth bean, fry soup of green vegetables, wax gourd

Late: Chicken, burn celery of carrot, cold and dressed with sause


Early: Porridge (a bowl small) orange

Midday: The egg that boil, the fish that burn the sea, dawdle fries green vegetables

Late: Sweet potato congee (a bowl of small) , spinach of cold and dressed with sause, cake (9)


Early: Green tea, apple

Midday: Carrot, celery fries the pork liver, egg that boil (1) , tomato soup

Late: Gram congee, garlic mixes kelp silk, steamed bread (1 two) , unripe cucumber

This cookbook but disastrous, be the popularity on basis international of course " cent feeds a law " (protein food and carbohydrate food departure eat, aim to make two kinds of food unfavorable synthesize adipose method) reach be helpful for law of human body health, young nucleic acid food and of the design, hold to two weeks, you can discover not only the figure is slim with each passing day, the skin is more exquisite also smooth. To at that time, slender and lightsome bride decides the colourful Jing with meeting dye-in-the-wood confidence 4 shoot