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Marriage gauze takes studio of individual character of Vs of conventional film b
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To new personality, the importance of marriage gauze PP has not needed to repeat again, new a form of address for one's wife, like the PP of beautiful beauty, all one's life accept as a souvenir. But be patted now marriage the shadow floor that take and atelier are increasing, beautiful head is thicker and thicker also, of course money also earns more more. But the service level of some of place does not see,rise, often still can come up against the issue that makes a person extremely depressed. How to pat oneself to like not by behead? Marriage gauze takes the studio of individual character of OR of conventional film building of be a comprehensive expression of of member of for a long time whole strategy, the hope can be carried to you wake!

The homework on the net one: Understand a few professional term when taking a picture

1, art design book is the photograph inside book is entered 6 or 7 inches, is not full edition.

2, what is total number? What is full edition photograph? So-called number has design element to be inside, namely for instance: Many pieces of photograph appears in same page. Alleged full edition is to say pure enlarge is album how old the photograph is how old did not design an element.

3, full edition is to say book the size of photograph and album is same but design without the number after your photograph little maintenance manages, magnify directly that is to say become 18 perhaps the size of 11 next press close to goes and art design book is opposite.

4, found proper form to want to decide a likewise about the same department with sheet you are about means of that sister connection and bill date to shadow building you have evidence the bill that you say to want to follow that sister!

5, sucking sheet is you fastening the home to decide made very few deposit, next you want to be patted in other movie building again. If deposit is very few circumstance, the deposit fund that other shadow buildings can be in you that is discharged. Attention: More than 500 yuan of possibility that did not suck sheet basically, so, deposit is in as far as possible 300 less than are best.

6, bringing bottle is one kind exceeds condense elite element, it is hairdressing tastes medium highest grade. It can let skin achieve first-rate status inside the shortest time. Will tell commonly, bringing bottle is not stylist lets you serve as what use daily to protect skin to taste, it and strengthen film of type supply side not identical also, can say it is the " of " first-aid station of skin. In a few special situations or time, pat a bride to illuminate for example, marry that day, model does accentuation of fashionable dress show, ginseng to want dinner evening party to wait, professional makeup girl can be used before make up install bottle to maintain composedly first skin, recuperate skin the most perfect when go up again makeup. Through such " the skin of evil filling " can be tightened up, hydrous sex is good, than going up easily at ordinary times makeup, eat makeup and take off not easily makeup.
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