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Newly-married bridal chamber is geomantic 10 contraindication that decorate
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Pay attention to the person of emotional appeal of romance of husband and wife, mostly special attention of the bedroom decorate, if do not know geomantic rule, and the be fond of by oneself, often outsmart oneself, beautiful money looks for a blame to suffer, because of this, offer the geomantic contraindication that a few bedrooms decorate now, consult for everybody:

1. The person that sheet bed sheet has big flower can be born more female, if have Long Feng, appropriate forethought day, can have the feeling that is oppressed otherwise.

2. If have alley,strong, road rushs, it is to be ill-fated.

3. The bedroom had better be in the light Anacreontic, airiness person for beautiful (if the light is too dark, criterion appropriate lights a lamp by day) ; The light is Anacreontic can make popular feeling situation happy, air convection, can let healthy.

4. The color inside the bedroom never Qi Fengong is lubricious, can make neurasthenic, and much quarrel of husband and wife, the person that because this is troubled by,give tragedy is absent a few.

5. Bedroom color avoid 5 flowers 10 kinds (do not roll attar lacquer) .

6. Bedroom window does not hang wind-bell, make a madam easily dazed dizzy, impatient enrages impetuous (cake design is ill-fated, round bed ceiling circle is ill-fated, ill-fated) .

7. Bedroom ground should light color (be like hell too greatly) .

8. Bedroom ground had better not spread ground felt, gas of easy and damp mildew, injury is tracheal, spread long felt especially more adverse.

9. The toilet of the bedroom cannot develop bed (drift - have a headache, strong shoulder - the neck is painful, strong waist - sciatic, kidney, strong base - the foot is acerbity, rushing - in the abdomen sick.

10. The bedroom cannot cross the horizontal wall in house inside and outside to fall (upstairs add the person that build to have this appearance relatively, can make a heart disturbed) .