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New personality knows detail to decide bridal success or failure surely (1)
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Autumn wind plays interest, october grows a holiday to want arrival again, besides travel heat be to belong to marriage to heat up of course! Believe accurate bridegroom brides are in of course the wedding that is oneself is in busy into busy those who go out. All sorts of plan plan wait the bridal protocol that is his when you a moment, do one's best is perfect you cannot ignore those little detail of course. The form that should know present wedding those cover no more than road, but little detail can make wedding sweeter, more interesting, the relatives and friends that lets show up people experience arrives you are small two good to the life pursuit. In the young will of people that pays attention to emotional appeal more now, if be in the place of little detail,accomplish to the queen's taste, the word of can dynamic atmosphere, be to compare floriferous fund is every big ostentation and extravagance more significant?

These little detail show to go up in the gadgety small ornament of those wedding with respect to body, want to know big shop sign can sell a day price, either only because of a name of a person strange think of clever want, even more the artful labour spy of detail. Pay attention to ostentation and extravagance in nowadays so when, also can stress style and atmosphere such ~ wedding even if garden party also compares a diminutive to be placed in such-and-such restaurant 100 come desk come by force!

The small bottle that designs technically for wedding fills in, it is do sth for the occasion ~ bridegroom and bride a pair, not only only the bride is saying: "I Do! " , bridegroom also is saying: "I Do! "I Do!!

Below the transparent cup mat that receives oneself marriage gauze each visitor according to clip, say hundreds of times than be before everybody " we married, we are very happy " will get effective fruit ~ is designed this not only fortunately can those " old common saying " become have emotional appeal interesting outside, also can invite guest people recapture home serves as to you this is remembered to the happiness of relatives and friends.

If feel to place marriage gauze to illuminate too make SHOW, so the cup pad that uses a transparent carve characters on a seal, both of you can carve some of word incidentally, want to say to relatives and friends what is OK, witness memory as; Do not write give the key word that what can think of quarter a little bit to be concerned etc with marriage, happiness, divide oneself happily a little bit at the moment to friends, bless them!

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